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Shiraz Historical museum houses

Shiraz Historical museum houses

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The beauty of the connection between natural and historical attractions of this city of science and literature, Shiraz, worth visiting this city. You can choose to stay in a local guesthouse in Iran, book a luxury hotel in Iran or search for historical house accommodation in Iran. This beautiful city has been around for a long time and since its foundations were laid,

it seems to be founded about at least 1500 years ago. In this fascinating city and in every corner of it, there is an attraction that catches everyone from everywhere and immerses their eyes in its beauty and determination. Among the historical manifestations are historical houses of Shiraz, which we recommend to whom that is going to visit this city. Therefore, we want to fully introduce you to the historical houses of Shiraz. If you used to stay in Kianpour boutique hotel in Isfahan, you have the taste of old historical houses in Iran. Although we have to say most of these houses are museum house and they are not a local traditional house accommodation in Iran.

The house of Zinat al-Mulk Shiraz, the house of the daughter of the Ghavam family

The first house that we want to introduce to you among the historical houses of Shiraz is the house of Zinat Al-Molk in Shiraz. Construction of this historic house began in 1290 by order of Mohammad Khan Ghavam-ol-Molk II and it was completed 12 years later, in 1302. Today, this Qajar house in Iran is one of the most famous old houses in the city, under which the Museum of the Famous Persians has been erected using statues and sculptures of famous people.

In this beautiful house, you can see paintings with different themes of birds, flowers and animals on its walls. This historic house was nationally registered in 1975.

There is an interesting story about the name of this building. Ghavam-ol-Molk IV's daughter, Zinat-ol-Molk Ghavami, lived in this house, which is only one alley away from her father's house, Ghavam's mansion.

It is interesting to know that there was an underground passage from Zinat al-Mulk's house to Ghavam mansion from which the family members used to travel.

One of the most extraordinary features of Zinat al-Molk House in Shiraz is that due to the mirror work that exists in this building, especially when the sunlight shines into the hall, a special beauty that is the result of combining unique architecture and the reflection of light on the mirrors.

Address: Lotfali Khan Zand St., West Narenjestan Ghavam, Shiraz


A house as old as the history of Shiraz, Saber's house

Another house that we want to introduce to you among the historical houses of Shiraz is Saber historical house in Iran.

This house, which has become a museum today, is one of the historical monuments that has remained in Shiraz since the pre-Qajar era.

When we say that this house is as old as the history of Shiraz, it is not only a descriptive and exaggerated title for this house, but we should introduce Saber House as the oldest house in history in Shiraz.

This house was built during the reign of Zandieh for a Shirazi businessman named Hassan Ali Saber Sangari. At that time, a new type of architecture was used to build this house.

One of the architectural features of this old luxury house in Iran is that; its plastering and symmetrical decorations, have been made with the obsession and personal supervision of Mr. Hassan Ali Saber Sangari, and in a word, there is no other example of this kind of architecture in Shiraz. Saber House was nationally registered in 2003.


House of Saadat, a place to fall in love with Shiraz

If you have ever been to Shiraz, you may have visited Saadat House, also known as Khatam House, while visiting the historical monuments of this city. This house, which is one of the historical houses of Shiraz, is located next to the tomb of Ibn Sibouyeh, who was one of the greatest Iranian scientists in the field of Arabic grammar.

The neighborhood where Saadat House is located is the historical neighborhood of Sang-e Siah, which has made this house more popular. This house were built during Qajar era and was nationally registered in 2003. Two years later, in 2005, it was turned into a museum of Khatam by the Fars Cultural Heritage Organization, so that this beautiful house would not be forgotten. Of course, it is also called Khatam House. It is one of the historical houses of Shiraz.

One of the architectural features of this historic house is that Saadat's house has plastered columns and carved stones. In addition to these features, we should mention the existence of wooden ceilings, tiling, porcelain stone and very beautiful and special brickwork of this house.


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