Shah-Neshin | Dining Room

The most luxurious rooms of these historical houses used to be the dining hall or Shah-neshin room. This sort of rooms used to hold most of the interior design in them. There were many uses for Shah-neshin room, such as special accession parties, Traditional proposal ceremonies, family gathering and so on.
In Kianpour boutique hotel Shah-neshin is located on the north side of the building. This room has a lot to mentione. For example; there are many arts in small booms which are attached to all of its walls. In these drawings the artist had pictured different buildings in Europe. A lot of gusts had question about the artist’s choice of view.

They asked, why artist had pictured European architecture instead of Iranian models. The answer is, when Qajar’s king traveled to Europe, he found these buildings eye catching. So he ordered architects to use these pictures for designing buildings. This is a unique fact that only original buildings hold it. Some buildings which are designed after Qajar era, have Iranian pictures instead of European models.
Shah-neshin room is now used for dinning in Kianpour boutique hotel. This room has a beatifulf piece of work called Orosi. Orosi is a door with spectacular design. It has a lot of glass work in it. These glasses have different colors such as, green, red, orange and do on. The design of this door tries to show the vast variety of creators at the bottom of it and it narrows down to up to be connected to the creator. This is a symbolic design.
A lot of mirror work can be seen in this room. There are special chandelier which completes the beauty of Shah-neshin.
Shah-neshin used to be kept clean incase the host had important gusts. The best furniture and accessories were placed in this room.
Shah-neshin is capable of holding the ceremonies, celebrations and meetings for up to 40 people.
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