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Best way to introduce Kianpour boutique hotel is to bold this fact that this house is a historical monument left from the Qajar era with a history of nearly 250 years. In terms of examining the originality of the architectural plan in Iranian houses and decorations related to architecture such as plastering, Painting, mirror work, woodwork and stonework; this historical house is highly valuable and also spectacular. The construction of a courtyard in the center of houses’ yard (which in Traditional Iranian architecture is called ‘Miansara’), along with ponds, trees and flowers, is reminiscent of an Iranian garden, as if the nature symphony orchestra is playing in Miansara. Facing position of rooms by considering light direction creates a variety of winter and summer living rooms that have recounted as the art and technology of Iranian architecture and the formation of family memories in the past.


Another fact that is very significant is the structure and skeleton of the building, which is the basic and determining core of the 250-year-old building to this day and in the future. This trick has strengthened the building’s interior and made its appearance beautiful and eye-catching. It is a combination of structure and appearance that fascinates everyone, which is reflected in the combination of the three main and basic elements of the formation of Iranian architecture namely; light, water and color.

Based on traditional believe, since absolute beauty belongs to the God, all the elements that symbolize or evoke beauty are a multiple of odd numbers. Unlike the current constructions, which usually takes one or two years; it took several years to build and complete such buildings in the past, so the history and developments of architecture can be seen and touched. Kianpour boutique hotel is no exception, so the spaces that have more decorations are related to the early Qajar era and the parts that have less decorations and have moved towards simplicity are related to the late Qajar era.

After being registered as a national monument, Kianpour Historical House, following a scientific process of restoration and revitalization by Mr.Kianpour who is an expert in restoration and architecture of private sectors, followed the main purpose of restoration. With the aim of preserving the originality of the building in terms of architecture and decorations revitalization of this historic house happened. Renovation and making these arts understandable for future generations and preserving this historical monument has taken over five years of pure work. At last, this historical house has become a small museum of Qajar architecture and by creating modern technical-welfare services, it has become a unique boutique hotel since 2014. By browsing through the pictures before and after the restoration, you can clearly see the honesty in our words and take a visit through our process on our website.

At the end, if you want to experience the pleasure of staying in a historical house of Iranian origin dated to the Qajar era, you can choose Kianpour boutique hotel to stay in Isfahan. We assure you that you will have a well-memorable stay at Kianpour boutique hotel. In addition to be benefited from providing high quality and great service from us, the location of Kianpour boutique hotel gives you the benefit of exploring the city without the need of vehicles, and, with taking a walk of about ten to twenty minutes, you can go to Isfahan historical sites such as Naghshe-Jahan Square, Chaharbagh Street, Chaharbagh School, Aligoli Agha Mosque and Bath, Jameh Mosque and the old bazaar of Isfahan.
Kianpour historical house photos

Kianpour historical house photos

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