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To appreciate Iranian old architecture, we need to learn about it first. In traditional and original Iranian architecture odds number were a symbol of beauty. For example architects tended to design one, three, five, seven or nine doors or windows for the room. The number of doors and windows represents how large is the room. Depending of the usage of room these numbers were selected. Rooms that have more than three windows or doors were mostly used by elders in the family. Young children who lived with their parent used to live in these rooms too.
In Qajar era the beauty belonged to the inside of the room. That is why the design of windows and door were introvert center. It means that if you sit in the room and take a look on the doors or windows the face of them is on you and the back design is on out. This is something really significant for Qajar era in Iranian architecture.
This room has a great view of the yard or Miansara. If you open the middle door the pond is in front of you. Khabestan has five beautiful designed doors which opens to Yard. This room is located on the south part of the first floor. Another names for this rooms are tabestan neshin hall, panjdari room or guest room. This room has four single beds with an indoor suite bathroom and toilet inside the room with full equipment and facilities.
Panjdari means a room with five doors and tabestan neshin means a room which is most used in summer. Seasonal rooms were named because of the angle of sun glow and sun light. This is because in past, people used to save energy by choosing the best room in different season.



  • Check-in Time: 2:00 pm
  • Check-out Time: 12:00 pm
  • Non-smoking room.
  • Pets are not allowed.
  • Stay fee until 5:00 pm gets 50% discount.
  • You need to pay for 50% of rooms rate if the check-out is before 7:00 pm and 100% of it if check-out time is after 7:00 pm.
  • If you check-in before 5:00 am you need to pay 100% of fee, however, if check-in time is after 5:00 am; you will be charged with 50% of rooms rate.
  • Breakfast is free of charge.

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Distance to key locations

Kaveh Bus Terminal: 5km
Isfahan train station: 21km

Isfahan airport: 29km
Soffeh Bus Terminal: 18.7 km

J. Bus Terminal: 6.9 km
Zayanderud Bus Terminal: 8.6 km
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