Kianpour historical house

Kianpour historical house is a remaining monument from Qajar era. This historical house used to be a property of Kianpour’s family. After reconstruction and restoration by experts in architecture, this historical house became a unique boutique hotel. 

During the reconstruction we tried to avoid any significant change in the core of this house. A good boutique hotel which used to be a traditional house for a family, has to keep its pure nature, plus, adding new facilities in order to provide the best for its gusts.
Traditional Iranian architecture has significant rules and its special beauty. In this matter we will mention some of traditional Iranian architecture characteristics.
First of all we will start with the buildings face. In Isfahan, buildings are southeastern.
In Qajar era, buildings had four ‘Sofeh’ or four sides. All of which were face to ‘Miyansara’ or yard. On each side, rooms were designed for different usage. For example in winter, a room would have more sunlight than the others. Because of that, it would have a normal temperature, in conclusion; a huge amount of energy would be saved.

Seasonal rooms are not the only wonders of this original boutique hotel. The interior design of this house is a combination of Qajar era and Pahlavi era. Southern room and eastern rooms of Kianpour’s boutique hotel have more of Qajarian spirit. As we look on western rooms, Pahlavi taste gets bold in contrast of Qajar taste, which is fainted.
The basic different between these two designs is being introvert design or extrovert design. In Qajar era people believed that most of the beauty belongs to the inside of building. However, in Pahlavi era, extrovert design were more popular. The reason for this change is the mixture of western architecture with Iranian designs.
Kianpour's historical house is located in the posht baroo neighborhood, Charbaq Paieen Street, central county of Isfahan that is in the private ownership of Mr. Hoshang kianpour with National registration number of 29426. Kianpour boutique hotel used to be a house. Architecture experts put a lot of efforts in order to create best comfort for guests and keep the sole of the house intact.
There are many so called historical houses or boutique hotels is Isfahan. But the fact is these are mostly a non-professional copy of real historical houses. Some people have built these houses without any knowledge of architecture and history. This is obvious for anyone who had done some research about this fact or who is slightly familiar with Iranian architecture.

Kianpour boutique hotel is followed the rules of restoration. If you look at this picture you can see that we have preserved the basic instructor of building and we only had restored it.
Over restoring this historical house, we used the same elements that were used during its basic construction. Such as wood, glass, coloring and so on.
There are three basic element in Iranian architecture which are light, water and color. The combination of these elements has made our architecture history rich.
Another unique characteristic in traditional Iranian architecture is the usage of odd numbers as a sample. People believed that there is only one true God. Because of that, all of the beauty belongs to the one. As a result if we are to be connected with true beauty, we should follow its sample. Odd numbers. That is why, in original historic sites you cannot see an even pattern; such as two or four doors or windows. On the bright side, fake buildings can easily be recognized by just considering this fact. You will only see odd numbered combination like one window, three doors, five doors, seven ponds and so on in original sites.
If you want to enjoy original Iranian architecture with high quality services, you can chose this historical house for your stay in Isfahan. You will have a memorable stay in kianpour boutique hotel. Not only we provide best services and best rooms for you, but also, Kianpour’s location allows you to easily tour Isfahan and the city’s historical places without a need of vehicle. Naghshe-Jahan square, Chaharbagh, Imam Baqer School, Aliqoli Agha mosque, Post Baroo neighborhood, Bazzar, Aliqoli Agha public bath, Si-o-se pol and many other monuments are not far than five to ten minutes’ walk from Kianpour boutique hotel. Also we offer traditional food in a great room called Shah-neshin. Shah-neshin means; the kings sitting spot. Can you imagine how much fun you will have here? We guarantee you can get in touch with traditional Iranian architecture and you won’t forget it.
Kianpour historical house photos

Kianpour historical house photos

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