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Haj Agha Ali's historical house in Iran

Haj Agha Ali's historical house in Iran

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 Haj Agha Ali's house was in fact part of a large and complete complex in its time. The complex includes rooms, bazaar, water storage, Hosseinieh, mosque, Yakhodan and "Haj Agha Ali" house, which has been the most magnificent part of this complex. This old house in Iran is located in Kerman province.

Upon entering this historic house of Iran and walking around the corner, we will realize the beauty and antiquity of this building. Upon entering this magnificent house, a large rectangular pond in the middle of the courtyard, which gives this house a double beauty, catches the eyes of every viewer. A basin that supplied its water through aqueducts that had previously been flooded. Of course, this is not the only pond in this house, inside this building, in one of the largest indoor halls of this complex, a turquoise pool with its prominent plastering stands out.

Haj Agha Ali's house, formerly known as the Vaqfi House, is made up of many collections. The presence of about 90 rooms around this complex shows the size and scope of this house. The different parts of this mansion, which is divided into royal, pool, autumn and winter, each has its own characteristics. The courtyards and corridors that connect the different parts of the house, along with the porches and other places that were included in its time and in the architecture of Qajar era, have left an unparalleled collection.

In traditional and Qajar architecture in past times, it was customary to build different parts of residential buildings, each of which has a separate application. Parts such as the interior, the royal residence, the privacy of the house and other different parts. In this unique mansion in Iran, beautiful parts have been gathered around each other. Another of these sections was the royal residence of this complex, which was one of the most important parts of residential buildings during the Qajar era. The porch of the royal residence is a beautiful place with magnificent plastering to accommodate guests and businessmen and is one of the biggest parts of any mansion.

Other places of interest for tourists and travelers in this complex are porches as well as a mansion called Farangi. A porch that is used for living in the fall and late March. This mansion is located on the west side of Haj Agha Ali's old house in Iran. The pergola mansion was also used during the off-season and in the warmer months of the year. Like the windbreaks that can be seen in some mansions, in this mansion, with the opening of seven doors and the entry of warm air into the building and dealing with water features and fountains, it has provided cool air. This traditional house accommodation in Ira has played an important role with its coolness in Iranian architecture. That is why which made this tourist accommodation a pleasant place to rest in that time. In this mansion, a part is planned for spending the winter and cold seasons of the year. The five-door building has been a winter residence.

Apart from the beauties and grandeur of Haj Agha Ali Rafsanjan's house, we can also mention the beauties of the city of "Rafsanjan" and the city of "Kerman" in this province, which themselves need separate specialized tourism articles. At a distance of 5 km from this building, you can visit the oldest bazaar of Rafsanjan, which is a traditional bazaar. A market that houses a variety of collections, including baths, water storage, barge launchers, and caravanserais, dating back to the Seljuk era. The city's anthropological museum, located on the site of an old bathhouse, is another historical attraction in Rafsanjan.

Other places of interest in Rafsanjan that you can visit during your visit to Haj Agha Ali's house include Kabutar Khan Caravanserai, Khalil Abad Tower, Old Pomegranate Tree, Old Rafsanjan Fence, Moradi Reservoir. Also you will want to visit Mirza Cave and many other beauties of this province and the city of "Rafsanjan". Among the features of Kerman province and Rafsanjan city, we can mention the existence of Kerman hotels and many eco-tourism resorts that have eliminated the concern of staying in this province for tourists.


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