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The largest brick house in the world

The largest brick house in the world

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Haj Agha Ali's house, formerly known as the Vaqfi House, is made up of many collections. The presence of about 90 rooms around this complex shows the size and scope of this old house in Iran. The different parts of this mansion, which is divided into royal residence, house pond, autumn and winter, each have its own characteristics.

The courtyards and corridors that connect the different parts of this traditional house accommodation in Iran, along with the porches and other places that were included in its time and in the architecture of that time, have left an unparalleled collection.

Each of the provinces of our country is located in a specific geographical area. The diverse climate and many natural and historical areas can be seen in every corner of Iranian provinces, each of which is a world of beauty, civilization and history. In this article, we will have a trip to Kerman province and one of the most famous places in Kerman. Kerman province is one of the provinces that is famous both naturally and historically. A trip to this beautiful province and staying in a luxury hotel in Iran is memorable for tourists. Kerman is a province which has many old hotels in Iran. By staying in a traditional accommodation and eco-tourism resorts of this province, which are among the oldest and most traditional houses in the country, you can be entertained and visited the old and attractive buildings and nature of this province.

 Haj Agha Ali's house in Rafsanjan is one of the most beautiful, oldest and largest traditional and brick houses in the world. Haj Agha Ali's house in Kerman is a magnificent building that displays a corner of the country's art, culture and architecture that has survived from the Qajar era. In the continuation of this article, we will acquaint you with the history, wonders and beauties of this ancient building which is located in the heart of Kerman province.

Haj Agha Ali's house is located in Rafsanjan, Kerman province, or better to say, this building is located in "Qasem Abad" of Kerman province, near the city of Rafsanjan. This historic house in Iran belonged to Haj Agha Ali, known as Zaimullah Rafsanjani, a well-known businessman at the time. In the early years of the Qajar government in 1136 AH, this merchant and property owner built this permanent building. There are many quotes about this wise man in the past. Some point to this person's poverty early in life and believe that he has found a valuable treasure and has become a great businessman. Some consider the wealth of "Haj Agha Ali" to be the result of his efforts and perseverance during his life. 

The way in which the wealth of people like Haj Agha Ali has been obtained does not diminish his greatness and generosity. After introducing the beauties of this great building along with other beauties of "Kerman" province, you will undoubtedly have an exciting trip to this region by booking a lux hotel in Kerman or other cities of Iran at the first opportunity.

If we leave Rafsanjan through Rafsanjan Road to Darreh Dar in the east of the city, we will reach Qasem Abad near Rafsanjan after five kilometers. In front of Hosseinieh "Haj Agha Ali", a large historical and brick house with the same name appears. A house with an infrastructure of over seven thousand square meters and a monument from the "Qajar" era, which we will have a trip to 300 years ago. The building, like the nature and climate of this province, is made of earthly colors. A magnificent building built with clay and earth and is one of the architectural masterpieces in the world.

There are not many historical sites in Kerman as there are in Isfahan. Isfahan has its own architecture which in many ways dabbles the beauty of architecture. If you want to book a room in a traditional house accommodation in Isfahan we recommend you to pay a visit to luxury boutique hotels in Iran such as Kianpour boutique hotel in Isfahan. The architecture of this old house in Isfahan dates back to Qajar and Pahlavi era. By staying at kianpour boutique hotel in Isfahan you can tour both of these eras.


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