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3 historical house in Iran that you must visit during your trip to Tabriz

3 historical house in Iran that you must visit during your trip to Tabriz

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Behnam's house

One of the oldest historical houses in Tabriz is Behnam House, which dates back to the late Zandieh era and the early Qajar era. Although this building is not as big as the Qajar houses of Kashan or Kianpour boutique hotel in Isfahan, it has all the beauties of Iranian architecture such as plastering,

wall paintings, sash windows, interior and exterior, basement and yard decorated with pond.

The building was rebuilt during the reign of Nasser al-Din Shah, and Qajar-style paintings date to this time. This building is located in Saat Square, Maghsoudiyeh neighborhood, and upon entering it, you must enter the back alley of the house in Moshir Alley.


Saraflar House (Pottery Museum)

Another historical house in Tabriz that is a relic of the Qajar era is the house of Saraflar, which belonged to the Saraflar family and its last inhabitants were the Alavi family. This building currently belongs to Tabriz Cultural Heritage and has been turned into Tabriz Pottery Exhibition and House since 1995.

This house has a basement and upper floor and its porch has plastered columns and a yard decorated with pond and garden. Beauty and cleanliness of old houses. Saraflar House on Shams Tabrizi St., Garou Station, Saraflar Alley, Shahid Norouzi Alley, No 100.

The pottery museum includes various sections, including a permanent exhibition, a pool house (where cultural and artistic meetings are held), a permanent store, and educational classes.

In this street you may also find some old house accommodation in Iran, historical tourist house in Iran or a luxury boutique hotel in Iran.

Laleh House

The history of this building dates back to the first Pahlavi era. This building is built on two floors. Laleh House is owned by Yahya Zaka, who is one of the founders of the Museum in Iran and one of the most influential contemporary researchers. The plastered columns and capitals of the building and its flowered courtyard have doubled the beauty of this building. The red tulips planted throughout the courtyard make the building known as the Tulip House. Laleh House is located on South Army Street, Sadr Alley.

Tabriz Tulip House is one of the most beautiful historical houses in Tabriz, which was built in the early Pahlavi era and belongs to the prominent contemporary researcher "The late Yahya Zaka". This great master has played an important role in planning and setting up several museums in Tehran and other cities and is one of the founders of the museum in Iran and therefore to honor the services of the late Yahya Zaka in the field of history and Iranology, especially research. Which has been in the case of Azerbaijan and Tabriz and today the beautiful tulip houses of Tabriz as "Yahya Zaka's Historical Research Office" have become a place of honor of Iran. Also Professor Yahya Zaka is one of the most expert cultural property experts in identifying and introducing. The works of the Qajar era, especially the paintings of this time, are a great right to the Iranian artistic community have. Currently, this beautiful building is one of the important sights of Tabriz and one of the most famous tourist attractions of Tabriz. Laleh House was registered as one of the national monuments with the registration number 2919

The architecture of the colorful tulip house in Tabriz

This beautiful 900-meter colorful building was built on two floors in the first Pahlavi era, with two entrances, one on the west side and the other on the southwest side of the building. The main building is located on the north side of the courtyard, on the ground floor of a central room, there are two side rooms around it, and the entrance to this floor is through two staircases. Also through the stairs of the pergola, you can enter the Great Hall. Laleh's colorful house has two clean and cozy porches that multiply the beauty of this building and the beauty of the plastered columns and capitals, give a special effect to the view, the lighting of the house is provided through the backyard in the northern part of the building and the pool Ziba with flowers and colorful tulips in the yard, turns the house into a small paradise of Qajar era. It is considered one of the most beautiful sights of Tabriz and the pleasant aroma of colorful flowers reminds us of a calm and pleasant atmosphere in the memories.


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