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5 historical houses in Iran that you should see during your trip to Tabriz

5 historical houses in Iran that you should see during your trip to Tabriz

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People's home and belongings take on the color and smell of that person; perhaps that is why it is so interesting for us to see a private home, a daily review, and the things that are tied to the lives of these people like celebrities. The same people whose poems have sometimes been our only friends,

we have grown up with the stories and books of some of them, those who have turned history upside down and enriched our culture. You may have traveled to Azerbaijan before, but because these historical houses in Iran remain unknown, you have not had the opportunity to visit them. Most of the traditional houses in Tabriz are located in old neighborhoods such as Maghsoudiyeh and Sorkhab near Saat Square. In the following, the most important historical houses of Tabriz are introduced. Around this city you can find some luxury hotels in Iran, luxury guesthouses in Iran or traditional tourist accommodations in Iran.


Master Shahriar's house

The house of Ustad Shahriyar, an Azerbaijani poet and composer of Heydar Babaei Salam, which is one of the masterpieces of Azerbaijani Turkish literature, has become a museum nowadays. After the death of the master in 67, municipalities of Tabriz, he bought this house and showed it to the public with all the memorabilia and life supplies and personal items, including books and handwriting of this great poet. You can also see this famous poet Iranian musical instrument; by visiting the house of Master Shahriyar Sehtar. Master Shahriar's house is located in Maghsoudiyeh neighborhood that is one of the old neighborhoods of Tabriz, Army Street, South, "Maghsoudiyeh Alley".


Parvin Etesami's house

Parvin Etesami is one of the most famous contemporary poets whose poems are known for using the style of debate and the theme of oppression and empathy with the oppressed.

Parvin was born in Tabriz, and the house where she lived until she was 7 years old is now located in Sheshgalan neighborhood, Abbasi Street, next to Mira Agha Mosque, Savojbolaghi Alley, No. 6. The two-story building dates back to the early Pahlavi era and has retained its architecture. The basement of this house consists of a pool house with an Azeri Kilil roof and cradle rooms. The full-length statue of Parvin can be seen at the beginning of the entrance steps and its crypt in a lush courtyard adorned with a pool of water.


Constitutional House

The Constitutional House, which is the most famous historical house in Tabriz, was the personal property of Haj Mehdi Koozehkanani, a merchant in the Tabriz Bazaar. After Mohammad Ali Shah closed the National Assembly with the ball, the elders, including Sattar Khan and Baqer Khan, gathered in this house and had meetings. Haj Mehdi Koozehkanani provided this house to the constitutionalists to convene a meeting of the constitutional leaders and to print and distribute anti-government leaflets against the Qajar government.

This building is built in the style of Qajar architecture in two floors and full-height sash, inlaid doors, skylight and pergola are the architectural beauties of this building. The building has been turned into a constitutional museum since 1957, displaying works such as Sattar Khan's pistol, the constitutional carpet, the personal belongings of the constitutional leaders, and other documents related to the revolution.


Amir Nezam Grossi's house

This is one of the most beautiful historical houses in Azerbaijan. The house, which has now been turned into a Qajar museum, is the personal home of Amir Nezam Grossi, a diplomat, ambassador and writer of the Qajar time, who built it during the reign of Nasser al-Din Shah. Amir Nezam Grossi's house is built on two floors and its porch has 16 columns with beautiful capitals, and these days only a part of it remains. Interior and exterior, courtyard decorated with pond, latticed windows and stained glass, bedding and interior mirrors of the mansion are the beauties of this Qajar house.

The first floor halls include the Coin Hall, the Woven Hall, the Chinese Hall, the Glass Hall, the Metal Hall, the Music Hall, the Khatam Hall, and the stone halls, weapons, men and women, architecture and urban planning, and locks and lanterns in the basement. Amir Nezam Grossi Historical House is located in Sheshgalan neighborhood, Shahriar Street, behind the Tomb of the Poets, next to the Children's Hospital and Sheikh Attar School.


Hariri's house

The variety of murals of Hariri House, which follows the style of Qajar painting, has made this house the most beautiful historical house in East Azerbaijan.

Hariri's house consists of an inner, outer courtyard and two blocks of houses; the exterior paintings depict the building of mythical tales such as profit of the lord joseph, and the roof is decorated with an Iranian miniature. Hariri House was registered nationally in 1998 and is located at 132 Noor Hashemi Alley, Tarbiat St., Tabriz.


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