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Some historical houses in Qom that you should not miss

Some historical houses in Qom that you should not miss

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Mulla Sadra's house

Muhammad ibn Ibrahim Yahya Shirazi, known as Mullah Sadra, is one of the world's greatest scholars and one of the world's greatest scientists in divine and Islamic philosophy. He who brought the philosophy of enlightenment to its peak was born in 979 or 980 AH in Shiraz.

Hakim Farzaneh, Mr. Sadr al-Mutalahin, lived in Kahak for fifteen years. This historical guesthouse in Iran has been renovated and it is famous among the people of that village.

Mullah Sadra's traditional house in Iran is a remnant of the sage's residence in Qom, which belongs to the Safavid era. Mulla Sadra's house is located at the western end of Kahak village in Chal Hamam neighborhood, and is surrounded by rural houses with the architectural texture of tropical areas.

To find Mulla Sadra's old house in Iran, it is enough to go to the end of the traditional texture of the village. At the end of one of the crescent-shaped paths of the village, you will see Mullah Sadra's house. The building is located inside a garden, much of which is now occupied by neighboring houses.

The house has an attractive and old space with a high ceiling and a domed cover with black walls and flower lining and simple bed decorations with beautiful applications on the four-sided roof. It is the Safavid style.

Mulla Sadra's house was registered as one of the national monuments of Iran on December 26, 1996 with the registration number 1821.


Allameh Rad's house

Allameh Rad Historical House in Iran is located near the old neighborhood of "Mir Square" and it is in a short distance from the holy shrine of holey Masoumeh. This historic house in Iran dates back to the Qajar era.

This house was registered in the list of national monuments of Iran with the number of 31838. Restoration operations have begun on this old house in Iran, which will soon become a traditional dining hall.


Shakeri's house

Shakeri's house accommodation in Iran were built during the Qajar era and it is located in the old part of Qom, in the southern part of Ayatollah Taleghani Street, facing the old bazaar in Haj Asgar Khan Alley. This house has an area of 600 square meters.

This building is located at the intersection of two old passages and its main entrance is at the corner of the intersection. The traditional texture around the building have largely been preserved, and a number of buildings with original architecture are still visible around the house.

The main entrance of the building is in two floors and is decorated with brickwork and stone columns. Also, the plinths on both sides of the entrance are made of beautifully engraved one-piece stones.

Upon arrival, there is a rectangular space that is actually the entrance porch and the space for dividing the building's rooms. From this space we enter the courtyard of the building.

Shakeri's house has a residential use, which is characterized by the beauty of its forms and architectural decorations. In this building, brick is used as the main construction material. Shakeri's house has brick decorations, plaster and geometric, plant and Islamic plaster decorations, etc., tile decorations, stone decorations on the top of the columns and the legs of the columns is still beautiful.

There are three groups of rooms in this building: 

1. Northwest rooms which are the biggest rooms. They also include a headboard and a basement. 

2. Northeast rooms, which are among the oldest rooms. 

3. The southwest rooms that have basements with stone columns and beautiful arches, and the style of decoration shows that it was built in later times than other rooms and they are full of great historical and architectural characteristics.

Recently, Shakeri's house has been under emergency repair by the Cultural Heritage Organization. This work was registered in 2001 with the registration number of 5677 as one of the national works of Iran.


Haj Baqer Rouhani's house

Haj Baqer Rouhani's house is located in the old quarter of Chaharmardan and was built during the late Qajar era. This work was registered in 2003 with the registration number of 10566 as one of the national works of Iran.

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