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The situation of two historical houses in Iran

The situation of two historical houses in Iran

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The house of Mehdi Akhavan Sales was built in the Pahlavi era. This building was registered in 2004 as a national monument in Iran under registration number of 10404. The home of the contemporary poet Mehdi Akhavan Sales, though long listed as a landmark work in the country's national monuments list, is still in poor condition,

according to his son, this house is getting destroyed and its ceiling is in really bad situation. The house of Mehdi Akhavan Sales which was a luxury tourist house in Iran for a while is to be taken over by the Tehran municipality and will be transformed into the Akhavan Sales Museum-House in Tehran.

This historical house residence in Iran is in the alleyways of Zoroastrian Street. Unfortunately this is no luxury hotel in Iran or a boutique hotel in Iran. This old traditional house in Iran is still in state of ruins. There are mint plants that still are standing in 40 square meters area of the courtyard of this old house in Iran. Mehdi Akhavan Sales was a famous Iranian poet and musician. His surname in his poems is M.Omid.

His poems have a social context and sometimes depict events of people's lives; he also had an epic tone mixed with the solidity and heaviness of Khorasani poetry and incorporates new compositions.

The Akhavan Sales was capable of classical Persian poetry and continued in new poetry. There are poems in both genres. He was also familiar with the music. He knew how to play Tar (an Iranian instrument) and he knew some music authorities as well.


Kiyanian Garden - House

Kiyanian Garden - House is one of the cultural and natural heritage of Tehran which is listed in the national monuments list in 2006. Kiyanian Garden - House is one of the valuable manuments in Shemiran area which is one of the capital's environmental pulses due to its rich trees and population. During Qajar era, this historical house guest was used in a part of Tehran and north of Tehran and Shemiran. Depending on the type of materials used and the decorations of this traditional guest house in Iran, the Kiyanian Garden - House appears to have been built during the years of 1270 to 1280 AH, which has about 100 years old.

The Royal Bank Garden is one of Amirasadullah Alam's father in law, Qavam al-Molk Shirazi's property. It is located to the north of the British Embassy Garden and has become a part of the Garden of Water Museum. The Royal Bank of Iran, known as the Banke Shahi, in 1889 with a capital of one million Pound was established with several British partners, including Henry Schroeder. This Bank were founded and published as the first Iranian banknotes in the Nasserian era.

The exact date of construction of this garden, known as the Kiyanian Garden - House, is unclear, but due to its characteristics and the presence of old trees in the garden and its location in a well-weathered area that can be a good place to build aristocratic orchards can be dated back to Qajar era.

This privately-owned architectural style building used to be a residential house in Iran in the past, however, it is currently owned by someone else. This luxury house accommodation does not serve as a guest house in Iran nowadays. It is almost ruined and have no more use as an old hotel in Iran.

The Royal Bank's residence in Qolhak, where the bank's CEO used to live in it; now is demolished and replaced by apartment complexes, the latest indication of this garden, is a land about seven thousand meters or a maximum of ten thousand meters. Its trees are almost entirely has dried down but there are still some old plantations in this area. These planes are well remembered during the reign of Nasser al-Din Shah, and have witnessed the hidden and obvious movement of many of the men of that era and the constitutional and post-constitutional years.

According to local residents on this street, the trees in the garden are being cut down at night. This garden-house has recently been taken over by the new owners and sold in different parts, and now there is a large dig in front of the building and it is feared that it will become a commercial tower in the near future or become modern residential apartments.

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