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Tourist hotel Isfahan

Tourist hotel Isfahan

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Adel tourist hotel Isfahan

Abel tourist hotel Isfahan is located in the heart of the city of Kashan. This tourist hotel Isfahan dates back to the Qajar era. This tourist hotel Isfahan architecture dates back to the Qajar and Pahlavi periods.

The restoration of this hotel began in the year 2010 and ended in 2012.

 This tourist hotel Isfahan is located in one of the oldest streets of Kashan, called Nah Cham. The beautiful architecture of this tourist hotel is a combination of traditional and modern architecture and is located near tourist attractions such as the Mosque of Aghabozorg Kashan, Boroujerdi's House, Hosseinyeh in the neighborhood of Soryjan in Kashan and other historical buildings. 

This traditional hostel has 6 rooms. Rooms have a capacity for accommodating up to 9 tourists. Among the facilities and services provided at this residence are free internet (unlimited), TV, heating and cooling (Split), 24-hour reception, outside hotspot, English fluent staff, a tea house and a traditional tablecloth. This historic house in Isfahan has no restaurant and parking.

Potas saline village - Khor

The salt village is a small part of the total Potas (salt processing site) which is located in Khor and Biabanak, Isfahan Province. This accommodation house in Isfahan has six suites equipped with a restaurant and coffee shop and a great salt waterfall. 

Tourists will have a non-forgettable Stay in the heart of the desert by choosing this tourist hotel in Isfahan. In the near future, there will be other amenities and services such as rafting lake, safari, traditional hotel, sports grounds, observation halls, swimming pools, salt baths, plantations and so on. These plans try to attract more tourists.

 This tourist hotel Isfahan hosts a large number of tourists during a year. The waterfall, located 40 km from the hill. it has 25 meters high.

Traditional Ashkani hostel in Isfahan 

The Traditional Ashkani hostel in Isfahan is located on the Niamoor Market. It is located near the Naghshe-jahan Square. This Isfahan traditional hostel with 9 rooms, accommodates up to 25 passengers per night.

 All rooms of this house are decorated with traditional objects and have original Persian architecture. Internet, airport terraces, tourist guide, English-speaking staff, laundry service, 24-hour room service, non-roofed parking, lobby, prayer room and traditional coffee shop are among the other amenities of this traditional residence. There is also a possibility to order a variety of local and non-traditional cuisine in the traditional restaurant of this hostel in Isfahan.

Tida Isfahan traditional Hotel 

Undoubtedly deserts of Iran are one of the most beautiful and most desirable deserts in the world. The traditional and desert themed Tida Hotel is located in the heart of desert at the end of the eastern side of Isfahan.

This Isfahan traditional hotel is located in the beautiful and sandy hills of Mesr and Farahzad. The unique facilities of this traditional hotel in Isfahan to compare desert hotels in Isfahan are Organic food and clean water. Tida Desert Hotel in Isfahan, with its unique location in the deserts of Iran, is undoubtedly one of the best places to be chooseed by tourists in the desert.

This tourist hotel Isfahan has Shahneshin room with native architecture of the desert. Catering and cafeteria have the possibility of cooking and serving a variety of traditional cuisine of the desert. All of foods are prepared with organic ingredients. 

Coffee shop has a variety of tea and traditional dishes.  Rooms are decorated with traditional accessories. Royal suites and normal suits are equipped with clean water.

Bali Isfahan traditional hotel 

The Bali Desert Hotel in Iran is located in the small town of Khor in the Biabanak area of Isfahan Province. This 3 star hotel, known as the largest desert hotel in Iran. It has been built in order to attract large number of Iranian and foreign tourists. This tourist hotel Isfahan provides good services desert tourists.

 This traditional hotel in Isfahan is made for desert lovers and people who want to enjoy the beautiful sky of desert at night. The construction of the Bali Desert Hotel was started in 2006 and it was completed in 2009. After some upgrades, this hotel put into operation on 2010.

 This Isfahan traditional hotel has an area of about 6000 square meters. It is close to architecture attractions and natural attractions of the central desert of Iran. This traditional hotel in Iran is undoubtedly one of the bests in the central desert of Iran. This hotel is considered as one of the best facilities in the desert of Iran. It serves tourists and nature enthusiasts of the desert really good.


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