Marnan historical Bridge

Marnan historical Bridge

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Marnan Bridge in Isfahan is located on Motahari Street between Felezi Bridge and Vahid Bridge. This traditional bridge in Isfahan is not far from Kianpour boutique hotel. This traditional house accommodation is in 6.1 km distance from Marnan Bridge. There are public transportations such as subway, cab, bus and so on.

Also if you like to walk through historical streets you can get to marnan bridge in less than an hour from this luxury hotel in Iran.

 Marnan Bridge originally is called the Marbin, the bridges name itself is a transformed form of Mehrbin, a kind of Avestan culture name. This bridge were the center of gathering from all the surrounding villages for centuries before the advent of Zoroastrian Temple.

Zayandehrood River flows from west to east of the ancient city of Isfahan, and this ancient city of Iran has always been divided by the north and south side of the river. Marnan Bridge is a bridge between the northern and southern sides of the river in the western part of Isfahan.

Crossing this beautiful river, in addition to connecting two sides of the beautiful city of Isfahan, has been done by building bridges, which were designed to solve this separation and add beauty by constructing numerous special bridges, including the Marnan Bridge.

Introduction of Isfahan Maran Bridge

Ever since the city of Isfahan was chosen as its first residence and its first inhabitants, the need to get in touch with other parts of the city on the other side of the river has forced them to build bridges.

For a very long time, the Marnan Bridge was a bridge between the northern and southern costs of the river in the west side of city. In conclusion the connection between the lush villages between the Marnan Bridge and its opposite villages on the southern bank of the river was possible.

It is worth mentioning that the historical date of construction of this bridge is attributed to at least one thousand years ago.

But it is clear that from a very long time ago, as the Jay Bridge or Shahrestan Bridge was the intermediary of the northernmost urban shore of Zayandehrood to the southernmost opposite shore, there was also the Marnan Bridge. The Marnan Bridge connected two northern and southern shores on the west side of Isfahan.

The Marnan Bridge is next to the Najvan Park. The core of the bridge has not changed with the building style of the Safavi era. However, it has undergone frequent repairs.

To build the bridge, the riverbed is paved on the bottom and then the foundations are built on it. There are circular compressors on both sides of the bridge, and smaller openings are also provided at the top of the bridge.

The Marnan Bridge now has 17 openings, but previously had more than seventeen openings, which have now been closed. This bridge is also called the "Sarfaraz Bridge" and it is said to have been annexed to one of King Solomon's Safavi dynasties. One wealthy Armenian sponsored this bridges construction. His name was Sarfaraz that is why this bridge came to be known also as "Sarfaraz" for some time.


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