Mohammad Jafar Abadei mosque

Mohammad Jafar Abadei mosque

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Haj Mohammad Jafar Abadei Mosque construction dates back to the 13th century AH. This monument is located in Isfahan, Abdul Razaq St, Haj Mohammad Jafar Market. Haj Mohammad Jafar Abadei Mosque has been registered as a National Register of Iran on June 19, 2007.

One of the most important works in the Qajar era in Isfahan is the mosque of Haj Mohammad Jafar Abadei. This mosque, which is reminiscent of Haj Mohammad Ja'far Abadei, a prominent cleric of the Qajar era, is one of the most prominent in knot-work in Isfahan in terms of strength and decorations. There is only a few historical houses in Iran that has these kind of interior design.

This mosque is located in the Dardasht neighborhood of Isfahan which has a unique location in terms of local communication because it is connected to the existing markets and most of the surrounding units have been used as stores.

This unique monument is connected to the north alley and the east market by two doors on the north and east fronts. The inscription on the eastern side of the mosque is in white ‘Solce-line’ on the background of azure clay tile contains holy Quran verses.

In the northern porch and around it there are inscriptions on the ‘Solce-line’ which indicates the date of ‘1270’. It means that this mosque has been built before this year. In the west porch there is an inscription that has been tiled in recent years and the verses of the Quran have been written with beautiful handwriting in 1367. On the porches of the west side of Haj Mohammad Jafar Abadei Mosque and also in the arches of the north porch of the mosque, there are many beautiful scripts with religious content.

The magnificent pulpit of this mosque is decorated with solid geometric patterns and colorful wooden words, giving every visitor amazement and admiration. The mosque's winter dormitory, located on the west side of the building, is decorated with tile and brick and geometric designs that adds magic to the grandeur of the mosque.

The main altar of Haj Mohammad Jafar Abadei Mosque that is decorated with brick-colored tiles, has a complete resemblance to the tiles of the Sayyid Mosque. Many scholars believe that the construction of both mosques was done the same architect.

The mosque of Haj Mohammad Jafar Abadei was hit by rockets during the war and was heavily damaged. Haj Mohammad Jafar Abadei Mosque was restored with its previous plane.

Haj Mohammad Jafar Abadei Mosque has been registered in Iran's national monuments on June 19, 2007. Haj Mohammad Jafar Abadei Mosque was built during twelve centuary. The mosque is located on Abdul Razzaq Street in Isfahan. Haj Mohammad Jafar Abadei Mosque is only 2.1 km away from Kianpour boutique hotel. Tourists can take a walk, rent bike or choose other types of public transportation in order to get there from our luxury house accommodation In Iran.

Haj Mohammad Jafar Abadei Mosque is located in the market of Hajj Mohammad Jafar Abadei, on Abdul Razzaq Street. This market is connected to the Atiq (Antique) Square, it was founded by the great Isfahanian authority "Haj Muhammad Jafar Abadei".

This mosque was also home to some of the great scholars of that time who were teaching religious sciences and philosophy and practicing the religious guidance of Islam in Isfahan.

Haj Mohammad Jafar Abadei Mosque is located in the market of Isfahan, between the neighborhood of Nimavard and Jamaleh Kaleh and the door of Imam in a bazaar. This mosque is named after the founder. It is one of the valuable works of the Qajar era which were built by Haj Mohammad Jafar Abadei, one of the famous clerics of Isfahan in the 12th-13th century AH.

Only the main part of mosque was built by this man, and the rest of the mosque was pre-established. It seems that the mosque was built at the time of the death of Haj Mohammad Jafar. It has been completed after his death by the efforts of his son, who also completed its interior design. The present building of the mosque has a porch, courtyard, nave and beautiful tile decorations. Mosaic tile decorations that contains some verses of holy Quran.


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