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Isfahan traditional food

Isfahan traditional food

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There are a vast of majority of Isfahan traditional foods that you can order in an old house accommodation in Isfahan such as Kianpour boutique hotel in Iran. However, it is important that you let us know in advance to order.

Esfahan cuisines are generally divided into two parts. Either they are gravy-like and people slice bread in them or they are smashed-like food. Isfahan dished mostly are a delicious blend of beans with meat that are kneaded together and they are often eaten with fresh bread and greens vegetables. There are also a few soup-like warm meals in the city of Isfahan, where the role of meat is still very bright and important. From the foods we get to know in the city; most famous one is a dessert called Khoresht Mast, the raw material of which is yogurt and meat. Generally speaking, cooking in the city of Isfahan is embedded with meat, because of the good climate, the cattle are in good condition and have delicious meats, and Golpayegani barbecue is a strong proof of this.

Other foods cooked in the city include chicken and plum, Kalegonjishki. These foods are considered as one of the Esfahan foods according to different narratives from different people.

Cumin Sholeh Beryoon in Isfahan

To cook the cumin Sholeh Beryoon in Isfahan, people cook the meat (preferably ribs) with onions and spices and add some rice to it after the meat is cooked. After the rice is cooked, they mix it with cumin and milled seed and heat it again. Finally, after all the ingredients have been cooked, they are thoroughly beaten to make them look like Halim (like smashed potato). This dish is served with fresh bread and green vegetables.

Moshti Kebab in Isfahan

One of Esfahan's traditional and tasty dishes is Moshti barbecue, a meal similar to cutlets but slightly sweet!

To make this meal, they use raw materials such as minced meat, onions, coriander (apricot or one type of Iranian carrot called Zardak which they harvest it in the winter) or grated raw carrots, chickpea flour and spices. After the ingredients are well cooked, such as cutlets or coco, they are fried in oil. Then add to the kebabs a mix of vinegar and syrup to cook and roast. In cooking people can use warm sugar, water and saffron instead of vinegar. These types of foods are not easy to find in many luxury hotels in Iran. But you can have a chance to test these foods in Isfahan luxury old house accommodation.

Grilled Tas Kebab

Dish Tas kebab is another food that is cooked in most Iranian cities but it is said to have Isfahanian authenticity. Meat (preferably lamb ribs), onions, carrots, potatoes, yams, oil, salt and spices are used to cook this barbecue. The way to make the barbecue dice is to first lay the ingredients in a pot and pour over them other ingredients to cook. This Kebab can be served with bread or rice.

Yakhmeh Torosh 

Yakhmeh Torosh is a traditional Isfahan dishes that is less cooked nowadays. To cook this dish, first the lamb meat is cooked with turmeric and water, when the meat is cooked, they add the prunes, apricots and dried apricot to soften the food. Then they add the rice to the rest of the ingredients and let the water evaporates. In the next step, the mixture is crushed and the plum kernels are separated. After crushing the ingredients, they sugar it and heat it again until the sugar is melted. You can make this food sweeter according to your taste, and you can also use palm syrup instead of sugar.

Mash Aa Qomri

Mash Aa Qomri is a food served with fresh bread. To make the Mash Aa Qomri, first the lamb meat and the beans are cooked separately. After the meat is half cooked, they add the cabbage and heat the food for 10 minutes. Next, they add vegetables (leek, parsley, fenugreek and sauerkraut) and rice to the pre-mixed mixture and bake it for 20 more minutes and gradually they add the beans. When the water is almost vaporized the meal is smashed and then served.


In order to prepare NokhoaAab the chief fries onion and peas and then s/he adds peas which are soaked the night before in the water, salt, pepper and turmeric. At the end of the cooking, chief ad some flour in a small bowl of water, boil it and then add it to the previous mixture.


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