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Gaz Isfahan sweet souvenir

Gaz Isfahan sweet souvenir

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Isfahan is the art capital of Iran and it is full of different things that can be souvenir from there. From pots and traditional paintings to embroidered fabrics. But the name of Isfahan sweets is more known with its Gaz.

Without exaggeration if you go to Isfahan and decide to take a souvenir from this beautiful city; you need to porches some Gaz. This souvenir is easy for packing. You can put them in your room in our luxury traditional hotel in Iran and eat them with coffee, tea etc.

But let us check that what is the history of these popular souvenirs and how is the best way to make them? Where sell Gaz with high quality and these types of questions. These are frequently asked questions form many travelers around the world whom have Isfahan with its old house accommodations in Iran as a destination.

Historian say that the production of the first type of Gaz goes back to the Safavi era and its main root was a kind of confectionery called halva, a mixture of egg and sugar used by farmers to relieve fatigue and regeneration. Halva evolved like many things and then changed into Gaz. In late summer; more in Khansar and in some areas of Chaharmahal o Bakhtiari, a small insect sits on the leaves of a tree called Angabin and produces nectar, something like the bee work.

In past, people used to extract the nectar from the nettle, but these days there is less of a chance to make it with the nettle extraction, because it is both low and expensive. Estimates are that each kilo of it on the market, depending on its quality, ranges from 3,000,000 to 4,000,000 Rials, which is mostly used in Gaz for export and it is also used in popular Gaz brands in Isfahan.

Angabin nectar, synthetic glucose, Rose essence, egg, sugar, pistachio nuts, almonds or hazelnuts are used in more of common Gaz brands in Isfahan. Gaz has different types. From mashed to coin-like and Angoshti, which are non-sticky types and they are more suitable for the elderlies. Instead of Angabin Gaz makers use honey or other types of sweet ingredients.

Apart from the Isfahan Market and the Naqshe-Jahan Square where you can find all sorts of donuts and Gaz brands, there are many other shops in other streets of Isfahan that make or sell Gaz. Experts say the price of Gaz varies depending on the amount of pistachio, almond or hazelnut used in it. Original Gaz, which is soft, yet crispy, should be bought from the grand market because they have passed their exams, they do not mix low quality Gaz, and they do not use old pistachios and almonds in their products. If you need more information about the best places that make and sell organic and original Gaz near kianpour boutique hotel in Isfahan; all you need to do is ask.

Gaz Kermani is one of these traders that has more than a hundred years old experience. Haj Mirza Hussein Mohsenzadeh Kermani laid the cornerstone of Gaz Kermani in Isfahan during the Qajar era. Haj Mirza was originally an abortion salesman. He used to break the pistachios and sell them. Until a pastry chef told him how long would you want to break and sell pistachios? Let’s Buy start a business by making good quality Gaz. Haj Mirza Hussein bought this idea; he gradually expanded his market and increased the number of workers in his workshop. He invited all of his family to join him in this business. He leaved for 99 years old. After him, his son, Reza Mohsenzadeh Kermani, is handling the shop on Abdul-Razaq Street.

Apart from Gaz Kermani, Gaz Mozaffari is one of the most experienced marketers who started his career from 1310, and, like all the other Gaz chefs, this job has been a heritage from father to son. Gaz Mozaffari has a branch on Sheikh Baha'i Street near Chahar Bagh Abbasi Street. Whenever you travel to Isfahan be sure that you taste these delicious souvenirs. Best Brands of Gaz shops are near our luxury boutique hotel in Isfahan. Most of these shops are around Naqshw-jahan Square, Chahar-baq street, abdul_razaq Street; which are in a close approximate of best Iran traditional hotel that is Kianpour boutique hotel in Isfahan. 


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