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Khorest-Mast is the most famous appetizer in Isfahan. Khorest-Mast is one of Isfahan's indigenous cuisine, although it is often brought to the table in luxurious and grand parties, but its special taste and distinctive appearance has a sit as the appetizer at every table.

If you're looking for a great feast such as an Isfahan wedding party, among the types of snacks you see on the table, Khorest-Mast is one of the definite options. This unique dish, of course, has no resemblance to other Iranian dishes and its main ingredients are meat and yogurt.

Native Isfahan appetizer, slightly sweet, slightly sour

There is little information on the history of Khorest-Mast (yogurt stew), but it has been around for a century that is consumed at luxurious and grand Isfahan parties for lunch or dinner alongside other foods. It was traditionally used as a main food in the royal families, however, today is widely known as a tasty and nutritious meal as appetizer.

"One of the attractive features of this local dish is that it is a little sweet and a little sour," says Rahimi, a successful chef. Of course, the sweetness of this dish is predominant because it is more of a dessert than a food.

Khorest-Mast is one of those foods that is more enjoyable outside the home and in Isfahan's canteens, perhaps it will be an excuse to see half the world's tourist attractions.

Golden sunshine

If the shape, texture and the color of the food that you desire is important to you, Khorest-Mast will satisfy you with a joyful color and smell. The golden color of the Khorest-Mast is because of the heavenly saffron and pure organic yogurt. 

Khorest-Mast can be found on one of the side streets of the Naqshe-jahan square. A place where both traditional Isfahan grill and delectable snacks are offered. Our luxury traditional house accommodation is near these places. Also you can order it from our luxury boutique hotel in Iran.

Because the main ingredient of this appetizer is yogurt and has a high number in saturated fatty acid, some arrange this appetizer as a high fat foods.

"Although Khorest-Mast has about 7% fat and it is high in dairy products, it is a good source of calcium and vitamin B2 because of its high percentage of yogurt," said nutritionist Zahra Farzin.

She added that lamb neck, as one of the ingredients of this food, has high levels of animal fat and saturated fatty acid, adding, however, it also provides the body with essential protein and amino acids.

According to Dr. Farzin, saffron in yogurt is a lively nutritional compound that plays an important role in strengthening the immune system. Sugar is also a positive factor in boosting cellular uptake and boosting the body's productivity.

The thing to note about Khorest-Mast is that this appetizer is mostly for the ceremonial meal at parties and gatherings, furthermore, people of Isfahan do not consume it on daily bases, so it does not cause any harm to their health.

The elaborate choice of lamb neck and yogurt with sugar and saffron has transformed the traditional dessert of yogurt into a useful and refreshing dietary supplement.

The savory Khorest-Mast has a problematic taste, artistic taste and genuine Isfahan tastes. It is a unique meal that has nutritious, juicy flavor, and is tasty, especially when this savory dish is decorated with red barberry and green pistachio. If you have a taste for this artistic food that both strengthens the body and polishes the soul, don't miss it and ask for it in our Isfahan boutique hotel.

This dessert is a rich source of calcium that is important for pregnant women. It is also useful for seniors at risk for osteoporosis and low calcium absorption, and is recommended for children who are growing up.

Another point to note about the benefits of this delicious meal is that it delivers more nutrients to the consumer's body, and more interestingly, salt and yogurt are not used in baking.

The recipe for Khorest-Mast was not found in the way that is today, but we found a similar dish that was similar to yogurt, which was used to cook yogurt, meat and fried onions and was known as "Fesenjoone-Mast".

Khorest-Mast cooking dates back to Isfahan with more than a century ago. It is made from raw yogurt raw materials, sugar, saffron, and goat or lamb meat. Khorest-Mast is a courtesy stew and it is known as the food of the wealthy people. Moreover, as the food menu began to diversify, it went from stew to dessert. Khorest-Mast is now cooked either hot or cold.


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