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Beryoon the traditional food of Isfahan

Beryoon the traditional food of Isfahan

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It is your lost if you travel to Isfahan without getting to test the famous dish of Isfahan called Beryoon. It is Isfahans authentic food that is very popular. The grill (Beryoon) looks like a hamburger cooked with lamb neck, white liver, onion, salt, pepper and turmeric.

One of the most popular foods in Isfahan is Beryoon which you can order it in order to have it in our traditional hotel in Isfahan.

Isfahan style grilling

In Isfahan, the traditional baking is that the lamb is cooked in boiled water along with the onion and spices, and the mixture is finally minced usually with saffron, dried peppermint, salt and pepper. After all they get mixed and minced again. Now it's time for the Isfahan special skimmers to fry this delicious dish. In the final step, the white liver is fried after cooking and grinding, and it is served alongside grilling.

Almonds, walnuts, and cinnamon are used to decorate this delectable dish. It will also help to double its organic flavor. Eat this dish at the best restaurants in Isfahan with Sangak bread and fresh herbs. Also you can order it from these restaurant as takeout food. All you need to do is let us know an hour earlier in our traditional house accommodation in Isfahan.

History of Isfahan Biryani (grill)

Beryoon, Esfahani's tasty and popular food, is one of the best traditional dishes of this beautiful city. A food that, if you try it once, you will always remember its magical taste.

Beryooni is a relative trait attributed to grocery stores or restaurants which serve Beryoon. Therefore, the name of this dish is "Beryoon", not Beryooni. Various places around the world call it "Biryani" and people often cook it in a blend. In the old cookbooks you can see the roast beef, the goose roast and the chicken roast.

 Isfahan grill (Beryoon), is a high-fat meal made from red meat and white liver that is mostly suggested for lunch because of its calories. In texts left by Safavi scholars, you can read the description. The antiquity of this unique and popular food is ascribed to the Safavi era. Historical texts show that in the Safavi era, the roast was cooked in ovens and made meat in pieces. Later in the Qajar era, ground-floor ovens were transformed into flat, chamber-like ovens similar to nowadays ovens, and roasted in vast volumes. If you look at the Qajar texts, you can see that large baking shops were established during that time. This authentic and ancient food has been popular in the city since past and it is still one of the most popular dishes in Isfahan to satisfy all tastes.

In Esfahan, the use of the term "Bryani" is very common for restaurants offering "Beryoon". Since grilled food (Beryoon) is an authentic Isfahanian food, you can find it in many restaurants in the city, but if you have a taste for it, ask about the best grilled food in Isfahan near our old house accommodation in Isfahan.

Hajj Mahmoud Shafaat, the best Breyooni in Isfahan

Many old Isfahanians will offer you this place as the best Isfahan Beryooni. A Beryoon that has nearly a hundred years of history. Haj Mahmood is located in the grand market of Isfahan, near the Atiqe Square, not far from the Sheikh Baha'i bath alley, which is also near our luxury boutique hotel in Isfahan. Basically, the grilling method can be in many different ways, using either high calorie or low calorie oil or its ingredients with fresh or frozen meats, but Haj Mahmood's baking method has been such that its customers have not been able to forget taste and smell it for many years.

In fact, this food is addictive and it makes people addicted to it but in a good way of course. Haj Mahmoud's grill is very crowded on Thursdays and Fridays and you have to wait in line to make your turn.

One of the most important restaurants in Isfahan where you can get a taste of the best is the traditional dishes is Naqshe-jahan resturant. This restaurant is located in Isfahan, near the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque. The first thing that catches your eye in the traditional restaurant in Isfahan is the combination of unique Iranian traditional and modern architecture. The large and colorful windows, the traditional decorations on the walls, the traditional ceilings, and the beautiful design make it so fascinating that you would like to eat more. From the restaurant window you can see the attractive and spectacular dome of the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque and enjoy the view in front of you.

The service at this restaurant is excellent and the staff are very professional. It is interesting to know that at this old restaurant in Isfahan, Beryoon is also served for dinner. In addition to Beryoon, you can enjoy a variety of traditional Iranian dishes there.

Ordering Beryoon and other Isfahanian traditional food from Kianpour boutique hotel is possible. Of course, you need to let us know the details in advance. 


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