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Guest house Isfahan

Guest house Isfahan

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 There are some gust houses and traditional houses in Isfahan which tourists can visit them. One of these gust houses in Isfahan is Khaneye mashrootiat. This gust house in Isfahan was built during the period of Qajar rule by the well-known architect Nullah Najafi.

 Apart from the architectural values of this building, it has important historical events, such as the Constitutional Revolution, which has had an impact on the political fate of the country. It is interesting to know that the first congressional meeting of Isfahan was held at the house of Aqa Najafi. The location of this Isfahan gust house is in Hassan Abad neighborhood. It  is located on Neshat Street in Isfahan.

Khan Khorasgan Collection

The house of Khan Khorasgan, which is one of the historic houses of Isfahan, is worth visiting in this city. Khan Mansion is located in the middle of Khorasgan. This gust house Isfahan is one of the oldest historical textiles in the east of the city of Isfahan.

 This house belongs to the powerful Khorasgan ruler, Bagherkhan Khorasgani. The house is divided into three sections: residential, ceremonial and villa, and several separate houses are located around the three central mansions of this house.

Shahshahani's house

The other historic house of Isfahan is Shahshahi house which ias built in Isfahan Shahshahani neighborhood in 1276. This house was built according to its name at the time of the Shah's house in Isfahan, and a large number of important people and Trustees also lived in the area. 

The maintenance and supervision of this valuable building from the 90 years ago to the present generation is governed by the family of Shahshahani Minister of the Cultural Heritage Organization of the country.

Sedahi General's house

The Sedahi General's house is one of the other historic buildings in Isfahan, which includes several houses, a house of court, a bathroom, a nursery, three-door and five-door rooms, a cafeteria and a tower. This house was built in Qajar era. It is location is in Khomeinishahr City.

Sokias House

Another historic house and gust house Isfahan is Sokias House, which is located in the Tabrizi area of Jolfa, with an infrastructure of 920 square meters. This house has a wooden decoration, ceilings and decorations of the exterior pavilion of the palace and. Spaces of the central hall are also very unique. The historic Sokias House is located in the Jolfa neighborhood and on the Hakim Street after Sangtaresh Alley.

Haghighi house

The PoshtBaro neighborhood in Isfahan is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Isfahan. Gust house Isfahan with the name of Haghighi home is one of the historic attractions in this city that has survived since the Safavi era. At that time, the house was considered as the most luxurious houses in Isfahan.

 This house is located in a very old alley called "Koche yazdah pich" and was repaired before the revolution.  We should say that some parts of this gust house in Isfahan have been restored in recent years.

 This gust house architecture in Isfahan has all the Safavi signs. Also we sloud mention that a little Qajar element in the construction of this building has been seen. The location of this gust house in Isfahan is on Takhty, Chaharbagh paien, the alley of Pardis.

Jenab House

Mohammad Hussein Mirza, the father of the monarchy, known as Shazdeh Jan (wife of Mir Seyyed Ali Jenab), had built this house about two hundred years ago in a region of Isfahan. Still one street is named after Mir Seyyed Ali Jenab.

 As a set of several seri, the yard and residential building are connected together. At present, the complex of gardens and houses has been converted into several modern residential buildings. Mir Sayyid Ali Jenab (the owner of this collection and the grandson of Saltanat khanom and Mir Seyyed Ali) was still living in this old house in the year 2013. The roof is preserved, but the rest of the building was restored. The house is located in the Sinepaieni area on Abdul Razaq Street.

Dr. Alem's house in Isfahan

One of the aristocratic buildings in the Qajar period is the Alam House, which, due to the decorations and charm that came into being of this house, has led to the list of the best historical houses in Isfahan. All the views of the house are covered with gilding ornaments, and the stone columns of the porches of the two north and south fronts.

 From the base to the head of the column are decorated with carvings. In the middle of the Alem's house, there is a long dock on the main courtyard and two gardens on both sides of the house, providing a unique panorama of the northern and southern halls of the house.


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