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Guest house Isfahan

Guest house Isfahan

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Saraye Sayeh guest house Isfahan - Kashan

This residence is located in the historical center of Kashan, Isfahan province. The residence is a traditional home in Isfahan dating back to the Pahlavi era.

This guset house Isfahan is aged around 200 years old.

 Saraye Sayeh guest house Isfahan was rebuilt in 2017, and then became operational and got the attention of tourists and enthusiasts of living in a rural and traditional setting. The building of this residence is designed in accordance with the architecture of Kashan's houses so that the rooms are located all around the courtyard. In the middle of the courtyard you can see a small pool. Saraye Sayeh guest house Isfahan has six rooms with accommodation capacity of 19 tourists.

Kooshk Ferdows guest house Isfahan

This guest house Isfahan is located at Kashan City - Mullah Fathallah Street - Sharif's Warehouse Alley – in front of Water Reservoir. This Isfahan traditional house has five rooms consists of two room with two beds, two room with three beds, a room with four and another with five beds.

This guest house Isfahan has a total capacity of 26 tourists. All rooms have a bathrooms and toilet facilities. If travelers wish to stay in the residence, they can order snacks and dinner in traditional way.

 Other amenities and services that are considered by this Isfahan historic house are parking spaces, fluent English speaking personnel, cooling and heating systems (Split), etc.

Delneshin Guest house Isfahan

This guest house Isfahan which has a very fine view is located at Shahreza, Isfahan Province. Beside of the view this accommodation house in Isfahan is located in an area with great weather. This native and old house in Isfahan has a vast yard. There are traditional beds around the yard for guests. Beautiful and lush trees are also seen in the corners of the courtyard, making it a beautiful place for the tourists.

Harpak Abyaneh guest house Isfahan

The Harpak Guest house Isfahan is located in the village of Abyaneh, Kashan. The residence is 900 years old and has a very old history. This residence is located in the historical context of the village of Abyaneh near the Harpak Temple.

 The old history of the guest house Isfahan distinguishes the residence and attracts a large number of Iranian and foreign tourists. The Harpak accommodation in Isfahan is located 40 meters from the Harpak Temple and is built on 5 floors.

 The residence has 5 units with a beautiful view to the village and has a capacity for 20 tourists at the same time. The facilities and features that are provided at this Isfahan guest house are Internet, kitchen, heating and cooling services in each room, and a tour guide.

Atshooni Guest house Isfahan

This Isfahan accommodation is located in the historic village of Garme, Khor-o-Babakan, in the province of Isfahan. It is located in the desert and in the vicinity of the palm trees, which hosts a large number of tourists and deserters every year from inside and outside the country.

The residence, which is 300 years old, has been built by a person named Maziar al-Dawood, who after a while of living in Tehran got tired of the modern and urban life of the capital. The house was renovated and restored with the same architecture and style. The decoration and the interior design of this native house with handicrafts and pottery make it an especial place in the heart of the desert.

Khane Noghli guest house Isfahan

This Isfahan accommodation was built in Qajar era. It is located in the city of Kashan, Isfahan province. This guest house in Isfahan has a wind turbine, a vast yard, two yards, a cradle and a beautiful pond in the middle of the yard.

The residence is a collection of 9 rooms with unique names such asKhane Noghli, Abangan, Tirgan, Mordadgan, Khazan, Khoramruz and so on. Khane Noghli with a total area of ​​198 square meters is known as the smallest house in the area.

The resort has a reception capacity of 72 tourists. The rooms of this residence can host 3 people, but the possibility of adding extra bed services to the bedrooms is provided. This Isfahan accommodation has air-conditioned rooms, private refrigerator, a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom for each room.

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