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Isfahan traditional hotel

Isfahan traditional hotel

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Keryas- Isfahan traditional hotel

The traditional Keryas Hotel is located in Isfahan. This hotel has a very beautiful architecture and traditional living space.

This 150-year-old traditional Qajar house has been transformed into a beautiful and comfortable place to cater to Isfahan's tourists.

 After a year of reconstruction and restoration in the spring of 2018, this Isfahan traditional hotel is active now. The hotel has two floors and it has 17 rooms with traditional and beautiful design. It has a capacity for accommodating 34 tourists. The rooms of this hotel are located around the central courtyard.

The residence has a large and beautiful courtyard with a beautiful blue pool in the middle of it. This Isfahan traditional hotel has gardens decorated around the yard beautifully. All rooms at the hotel are equipped with free internet, parking, a coffee shop, a bathroom, a toilet, a fridge, English-speaking staff and a TV.

Amou Nowrooz boutique hotel

The Amoo Nowrooz accommodation is located in Isfahan Province, Khor, near the Mesr Desert. If you love deserts such as Mesr desert, we suggest you do not miss the beautiful nights of this Isfahan traditional hotel.

 You will experience great moments with a pleasant stay at the Amoo Nowrooz Residence. The Amunoroz Residence, which is located in the charming traditional city of Chorus, has 11 rooms, 3 of which have a private bathroom and 8 other rooms shared facilities. For 8 rooms with shared facilities, there are 5 shared toilets and shared bathrooms.

Afzal boutique hotel

This Isfahan traditional hotel is located in the city of Khor-o-Biabanak, Isfahan Province. This accommodation in Isfahan is suitable for people who want to relax for a while away from the technology and urban life of the machine.

This Isfahan accommodation provide for a while the experience of living in old rural homes in remote districts. Staying in traditional canoe residences is really relaxing for its tourists, leaving them a memorable experience.

Kariz boutique hotel in Isfahan

Kariz Residence is located in the Mesr village of Shahr-e Khord-o-Biabanak, Isfahan Province, which attracts many tourists and desert tourists every year. This residence is located near one of the country's most famous desert, the desert of Mesr.

 This desert is one of the most beautiful deserts in Iran, and many desert vendors and tourists interested in natural attractions of this desert. Many wait all year round for winter to come so they can pay a visit to this desirable desert. To reach this natural effect, you have to go to the Khor-o-Biabanak in the province of Isfahan. Ramps and desert hills are the main attraction of the desert of Mesr. Sandstones from the heart of desert are among the most memorable things that can be seen by the eyes of every tourist who are traveling to the desert of Iran.

Isfahan traditional home of Majoun - Kashan

Isfahan traditional home of Majoun is located in the village of Marq Kashan, Isfahan Province. The village of Marq is located in the heart of the Karkas Mountains with temperate and mountainous climate with beautiful and eye-catching nature.

The village has a lot of natural attractions and tourist attractions such as the river, the spring, the lush gardens and the tomb of the wise, the Grave of philosopher Baba Afzalodin Morakhi, which has led many tourists to travel to this area.

The resort has 4 suites. There are 3 suites with a separate toilet and bathroom, and there is a public bath in the residence. The bedrooms have a good bedroom service. A maximum of 10 people will be offered beds. It is worth mentioning that the heating services are gas heaters.

Rhetorical Water Treatment Complex of Rose Village (Verton) - Isfahan

Settlement of the Vertoun Village is located in the village of Vertoun, Isfahan Province. This recreation complex is located 70 km from Isfahan. In this village there are historical Safavia-style historic baths, some of which are well-kept and used by tourists nowadays.

 It also has mineral spa springs, a number of baths, hot water ponds and famous historical stone buildings. It has its own dock and its tomb (Imam Zadeh Abgarmi) and several beautiful rooms with traditional architecture to accommodate the residents of this village.

It also includes public and private ponds. The stone palace of this complex and its dock are examples of the architectural masterpiece of this building. The cottages are located next to the spa pools and the tourists can easily access them. There is also a restaurant and cafeteria for tourists. If you are planning to stay at this accommodation house, do not miss the pleasure of experiencing a delicious meal called Lakhol.

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