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Traditional hotels in Isfahan

Traditional hotels in Isfahan

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Isfahan is a paradise for those who enjoy visiting old buildings and walking in the historical context of the city. If you are a tourist in Isfahan, you may want to complete your trip by staying in a historic home. 

Some old houses and caravans in Isfahan have been transformed into a hotel. By changing these historic houses into hotels, it is possible to experience traditional life. Travelers can see roof of old buildings and their beautiful architecture. Here you will find some of the traditional hotels in Isfahan.

Bekhradi hotel

This hotel is the historic home of the Safavian period. Its age is estimated at about four hundred years. Morteza Burhedi, a professor of architecture at the University of Arts in Isfahan, decided to rebuild this hotel ten years ago. 

This historic building has been hosting passengers and tourist of Isfahan. It is a chance to experience a pleasant stay in this historical home.

This traditional hotel in Isfahan offers comfortable suites and rooms. These rooms are traditionally built with modern facilities. This factor makes the interior and exterior design spectacular. 

Guests who have visited this hotel all enjoy staying in this traditional hotel in Isfahan. If you are a guest in this hotel, you can sit comfortably in the courtyard at night and enjoy fresh air. 

At the hotel, you will have a delicious and special breakfast. Home-made eggs and homemade breakfast can give you energy to start your day. This hotel is located in a good location, with a 10-minute walk to Chaharbagh Street. You can visit the city's historic attractions such as the Naghshe-Jahan Square or the sio-se-pol, by walking. This hotel in located on the beautiful street of Chahar Bagh.

Aghigh Traditional Hotel

Imagine being able to spend the night in a historic building. In the morning you open your eyes in a beautiful and historical room. These rooms were hosting people in Qajar era many years ago. Imagine someone felt sleep and woke up during Qajar era in these rooms which was a long time ago. 

The traditional Aghigh hotel is a historic building that has been known very museum like. Sometimes even people call Traditional Aghigh hotel a museum.

The traditional Aghigh hotel has several types of rooms for travelers. The most expensive room among all of them is the Shah's room.  Shah’s room is well positioned at hotel. This room has wonderful interior architecture. By staying at this room you can travel in history.

 The traditional courtyard of the traditional Aghigh hotel, with its wonderful architecture such as water pond, lush trees and gardens, gives you so much good feeling.

 Some tourist may prefer to stay in this hotel order tea or coffee and enjoy sitting in the yards instead of walking in the city.

Bali Hotel

Usually desert travelers in nature prefer to spend the night in the tent or under the starry sky, but if you don’t want to sleep in open space we offer Bali hotel for you. If you want to experience a different stay in the desert, you can try the Bali Hotel in Isfahan. 

Bali Hotel is located near the Desert of Khor, Isfahan. This hotel has been able to satisfy the various needs by providing two types of accommodation.

It is true that the Bali Hotel is not like many traditional and historic hotels, but in addition to its regular rooms, the hotel has prepared rooms in a traditional way. 

It means that you can choose handcraft sheets from these rooms instead of sleeping on the regular beds. Traditional mattresses are available in this hotel. You can feel traveling to the past because of hotel’s traditional architecture.

Isfahan Sonnati Hotel

If you want to stay in a traditional hotel in Isfahan, the Sonnati hotel in Isfahan can be one of your choices. The Sonatti hotel of Isfahan, as its name suggests, is a completely traditional hotel.

This hotel has traditional and old base. You will be staying at a hotel from the Safavid era, which was reconstructed in 2007. The hotel itself is located in a pleasant alley and the rooms are located around the courtyard, and their windows are decorated in a gardens and opened view.

The Sonnati hotel rooms in Isfahan is like a museum, the mirroring and ceiling framing, the walls and the furnishings with which the room is decorated, all contribute to a memorable stay at this hotel.

Of course, the hotel has access to modern world facilities like the Internet. Sonnati hotel has just a short distance from Naghshe-Jahan square.


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