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Isfahan boutique hotel

Isfahan boutique hotel

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 Because of its historical position and historical status, Isfahan has always been considered by both Iranian and foreign tourists. In this regard, a city with such capacities has suitable accommodation and standard hotels.

Hotel industry issues have been repeatedly raised in Isfahan. Provincial and urban sites of Isfahan have always considered large projects to improve hotel industry in Isfahan, but in comparison to other cities luxury hotels in Isfahan could be a lot stronger. This is half of the capacity of Isfahan hotels.

 Abbasi Hotel is the only five star hotel in Isfahan which started at Safavia era. Abbasi Hotel has been a classic host for national conferences and ceremonies for many years. The price of its rooms is very high which is not suitable for all sections of society. You can call Abbasi hotel a luxury hotel.

There are several other major hotels in Isfahan, which, after ten years of usage these hotels won’t function as good as they used to.

Experience of hotel boutique in Iran is not only for Isfahan

The optimal and convenient use of the worn out and traditional areas of Isfahan has been the subject of several times in Isfahan. In recent years, with the revival of historic buildings and converting them into restaurants, coffee shops and so on. These places have attracted the opinion of many people and tourists. That's why this process continues with the conversion of old and traditional houses to the hotel.

The first experience of the boutique hotel in Iran goes to the international hotel of Kandavan, which opened in March of 2006. This hotel is the third rocky hotel in the world, built in the historic village of Kandovan, 62 km southwest of Tabriz. After this boutique hotel in Kandovan which welcomed many tourists; similar hotel boutiques were built in Kashan and Shiraz.

Managing Director of the Rehabilitation and Improvement Organization of Isfahan Municipality said about the creation of these hotels in Isfahan: Many of the historic houses in the city of Isfahan turn into a hotel boutique for tourists.

In Isfahan urban texture, especially the worn out texture, there are many capacities to start hoteling projects. One of the advantages is having housewarming people living in these areas. In order to use the capacities and facilities provided for this industry traditional houses are available.

In Isfahan, there are 2,300 hectares of worn texture; this historic city has 220 spots in the 15 regions, adding that it has 70 spots in the 6 regions that the municipality has been licensed to issue boutique hotels in these textures.

Managing Director of the Rehabilitation and Improvement of the Municipality of Isfahan said: Fortunately, in the old city of Isfahan, valuable measures have been taken to revitalize, including those in the Hemmatabad neighborhood.

Jafari continued: for each housing unit to be renovated, 50 million Tomans of cheap facilities will be paid by the government to the applicants.

Referring to the fact that in many parts of the city of Isfahan, the offices of the renovation of the worn out texture have been launched, said that in the not too distant future, many historic houses in the city of Isfahan will turn into a hotel boutique for tourists.

Boutique hotels, hotels have a maximum of 200 rooms, and unlike travelers, most of them are a symbol of a rural setting.

The purpose of creating a hotel boutique is to create an intimate, exclusive, urban and modern environment.

Build boutiques of hotels in crowded neighborhoods

In fact, hotel boutiques are usually built in urban quarters or sometimes in newly renovated old buildings, as the goal of most of these hotels is to attract visitors and guests simultaneously, rather than creating luxury experience for travelers. Most of the boutique hotels provide their guests with separate services.

In addition to the topic discussed in this report, it should be noted that the hotel is a place where different people come to see it with different perspectives and needs.

Accordingly, in addition to the infrastructure in the hotel industry, all people are not only going to the hotel for eating or resting for a short period of time. Some are choosing to meet the hotel's sensory and psychological needs, and others may be for special offers or new experiences in the hotel.

But the most important thing to consider is to compare the behavior of the guests with the staff and hoteliers and the importance of their presence in the hotel.


By comparing the very simple quality control of services in a traditional house and a hotel, we realize that there is no room for "controlling the quality of employee behavior and the behavior of travelers yet. 


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