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In addition to recreational and historical attractions, there are many museums in Isfahan. One of these museums is the Music Museum of Isfahan. This museum has a surprise for tourists and its free performance for them

Isfahan Music Museum is a unique place that is world-famous and it examines the history of the country's music and the Middle East region along with the introduction and display of various instruments and their evolution. This museum is only 45 minutes walk away from the Kianpour old house accommodation in Isfahan.
This museum has been introduced as one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world tourism sites and has a high score among the users of various tourism sites in the world.
Among the works that you can see in this museum, there are more than 300 types of Iranian instruments that are related to different periods of Iranian music. Also, in this collection, traditional music is performed live and you can compare the instruments and corners. Get the necessary information about Iranian music and guides will explain everything you see in this museum.
The city of Isfahan is known as one of the important centers of Iranian music throughout the history of this country, to the extent that one of the musical instruments is known as Isfahan. The people of Isfahan attach great importance to this art and with the efforts of professors such as "Shahriar Shokrani" and "Mehrdad Jeyhoni", they launched the first private music museum in the country in 2015. In this museum, the way of introducing and displaying the works as well as the way of managing and dealing with the personnel and the provided guidance is very desirable.
Also, digital facilities have been provided in this museum so that you can get acquainted with the way of playing and sound of each instrument and get to know the music and types of instruments in a practical way. Kianpour historic hotel in Isfahan will give you the best offers by staying in this boutique hotel in Isfahan. One of which is introducing many rare monuments in Isfahan to you that not all tourist guides know about them!
Isfahan Museum has different sections, each of which we will briefly introduce:
One of the halls of this museum is the National Instruments Hall of Iran, which examines different geographical areas in terms of music and the instruments of different regions of the country are introduced in two languages, Persian and English. There are also facilities to create a better experience for visitors in terms of understanding music and hearing different sounds and songs in this collection.
Another hall of this collection is the local instruments hall, which you can use the guides of this collection to get very good information about the instruments and music of each region of the country and listen to the music of different regions of Iran.
"Sar Ahangan" House is a place where you can meet Iranian music professors and study their biographies and works. Also, "Music Hall" is a place to watch Iranian instruments and get more information by watching the live performance that is performed in this house.
In the instrument-making workshop of this museum, you can get information about how the Iranian instruments were made and the different stages of formation, and you can also register in the workshops that are held on the sidewalls of the museum to make different instruments by professors named after this field.
Among the instruments on display in this museum is the "Qanoon" instrument, which is a kind of string and percussion instrument. "Qichak" instrument, which is played on a string and is mostly used in Sistan and Baluchestan and Hormozgan, and in ancient times was made of animal skulls, but now it is made of walnut or mulberry wood and its appearance It resembles a "cello" violin and is played with a bow.
"Cheng" is also a kind of stringed instrument that has its roots in the history of Iranians and consists of different strings and is played with eight fingers and mostly maple and walnut wood is used to make it.
"Tar is", a famous Iranian instrument that is considered as the root of modern guitars and is used in countries such as Georgia, Tajikistan, Armenia, the Republic of Azerbaijan and is made of walnut wood and sheepskin, and goat horn.
"Rabab" is an old stringed instrument that is mostly used in the eastern and southern regions of the country and is in the category of national instruments of our country. "Barbat" is a percussion instrument known as "incense" in Arab countries, and its bowl is made of mulberry wood.
One of the oldest instruments in human history is the "reed", which is made of a plant of the same name and requires special skills to play it.
Those who are interested in visiting the museum can visit the store of cultural products that have a variety of products in the field of Iranian music and buy their favorite products.
There is also a coffee shop in the space of this complex, where you can spend some time chatting and refreshing with your friends so that you can spend the rest of your visit.
Well-mannered guides who specialize in music are one of the benefits of this museum, and you can use their knowledge to increase your familiarity with Iranian instruments.

Address and access location and facilities of Isfahan Music Museum
In order to go to the Isfahan Music Museum, you have to go to "Tohid Street" in Isfahan, then "Shahid Ghandi" Street and "Mehrdad Street", which is located at No. 74 of this museum.

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