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Get to know 5 famous Zurkhanehs of Isfahan

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In Iranian culture, the sport has always had a special place. Although today various sports have emerged in various international fields and have snatched the lead from traditional sports, traditional Iranian sports are still alive and zurkhaneh sports enthusiasts are still strong in their sports activities in this field. 

  Isfahan is a city full of history about ancient sports and beautiful architecture. if you want to enjoy ancient architecture and stay in a historic house accommodation in Iran, the Kianpour boutique hotel in Isfahan is going to be your best choice among old hotels in Iran.

Isfahan as a historical city also has several famous zurkhanehs from which many heroes have grown. In this article, we intend to introduce 5 Isfahan Zurkhaneh.

1. Ali Gholi Agha Zurkhaneh

This zurkhaneh is one of the oldest zurkhanehs in Isfahan, which is located in the Ali Gholi Agha area. Due to the long history of this gym, athletes and wrestlers are known as the capital of wrestling. Ali Gholi Agha Zurkhaneh is usually known as the host of wrestling and zurkhaneh sports competitions. To travel to Isfahan and stay in a historic house in Isfahan all you need to do is book a room in Kianpour house in Iran.

Address: Masjed Seyed St., next to Ali Gholi Agha Bazaar

2. Najarpour Zurkhaneh

This zurkhaneh is like a museum where you can see the pictures of the heroes and heroines’ tails of this sport. Thanks to its famous mentor Ali Zanganeh, the light of this zurkhaneh has remained on for 240 years, and many enthusiasts sit at the foot of the stories of Golestan, Bustan, and its Shahnameh every day.

Address: Shohada Square, Ibn Sina St., Sanbolestan Alley, next to the bazaar

3. Sahib Al-Zaman Zurkhaneh

This zurkhaneh is another old zurkhaneh in Isfahan that has raised many heroes. Zurkhaneh Sahib Al-Zaman has an ancient sports building. It is for the show every day from 4 to 8 pm and attracts many tourists every year.

Address: Meraj St., after Tamadon Bridge, Hedayat Alley

4. Fotoot Zurkhaneh

This zurkhaneh, with an infrastructure of 700 square meters, has been built for sports like wrestling, old Persian wrestling, and martial arts.

Address: Khorasgan, Masjed Ali St., at the end of the street, facing the park

5.Ali Ibn Abi Talib Zurkhaneh

This zurkhaneh is one of the sections of the collection of culture, Quran, and sports of Ali Ibn Abi Talib in Isfahan, in which wrestling and zurkhaneh sports are taught to athletes in a scientific and basic way.

Address: Shohada Square, at the beginning of Ibn Sina Street

Isfahan, as the cultural capital of wrestling and zurkhaneh sports of Islamic Iran opened a new chapter in the book of sports of this city. If you like ancient buildings and enjoy historically architecture, we suggest you visit Isfahan and stay in an old historic house like Kianpour. 


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