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Isfahan Pigeon House Tower

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One of the most interesting attractions of Isfahan, which you may not have heard of it, is the Pigeon House Tower of Isfahan, which is also called Pigeon Tower

Of course, these towers are located in other cities of Iran, but many of them are located in Isfahan. If you want to learn more about this fascinating attraction and enjoy staying in a traditional hotel in Iran; we suggest checking the Kianpour boutique hotels rooms.

 There are more than about 3,000 pigeon towers around Isfahan, which of course were more in the past, but today their number has decreased. In the past, these pigeon houses were built in such a way that pigeons could easily survive in them and take care of themselves against their own enemies. Isfahan Pigeon House Tower is very strong and its structure is such that pigeons were easily protected against enemies and there was no way for invading birds such as owls and crows to enter. In the middle of these towers, a special belt was designed to make it slippery. So if any land predator such as a snake wanted to enter this tower slips and it becomes an impossible mission for them.

In each of these towers, especially in the pigeon-house of Isfahan, sometimes up to 25,000 pigeons lived and its precise architecture has prevented any other bird from entering this tower and disrupting the security of pigeons. When you go inside these pigeon houses, you will encounter regular pigeon nests and the material of these houses is thatch. The pigeon tower is built in such a way that it is cool in summer and warm in winter.

The dovecote tower in Isfahan is built in the shape of a cylinder and has been an interesting target behind them. By building these towers, both the pigeons could have a shelter, and collecting this number of birds in one place has been a clever task to use the pigeon droppings as fertilizer for agricultural purposes. To visit these ancient towers in Iran, all you need to do is book a room in Kianpur house accommodation in Isfahan.

It is interesting to know that the architecture and type of construction of these towers are such that people who do not know the Pigeon House of Isfahan mistakenly think that this used to be a military fortress! Pigeon manure has been used in various industries in the past and the construction of these towers has been more common in Isfahan and Yazd regions.

Sometimes these pigeon houses could accommodate up to 40,000 pigeons. You may be interested, or you may have wondered at all, except for the amount of fertilizer that came from these towers, how much people were willing to take the trouble to build these towers. In fact, approximately 70,000 kilograms of pigeon manure are obtained annually from these towers, which is a very high amount for farmers.

Apart from the fact that the pigeon tower of Isfahan and in general all such towers were built in such a way as to protect against invading birds. Each hole of this tower was exactly the size of a pigeon. But this was not the only solution. It is said that in the past, the smell of frankincense was used to protect pigeons in this tower. Now, some of these towers have been built for 400 years and it is said that the number of these towers reaches less than 500. However, some of these towers have been registered in the list of cultural heritage and tourism.

These pigeon houses, which exist in both Isfahan and Yazd, can be popular tourist attractions, which unfortunately have been forgotten for various reasons. These towers are made of straw and in their construction, an attempt has been made to use natural elements, and that is why these towers seem to be in complete harmony with nature as if they came from the heart of nature.

Below we are going to introduce you to some of these pigeon houses in Isfahan, maybe on your next trip to this spectacular area you would like to see these towers up close:

Isfahan Gort Pigeon Tower: This tower is located near Isfahan in a village of the same name and in fact its pigeon tower consists of two inner and outer cylinders. There are 9 towers on the roof, which are latticed, and as a result, light and air can easily enter or leave the tower. The height of this tower is 6.60 meters.

Isfahan Radan Pigeon Tower: This tower is located 3 km southeast of Isfahan and like other pigeon towers, this tower is also cylindrical. The diameter of the tower is 13.30 meters and its large cylinder is 10.20.

Isfahan Hezar Jerib Towers: This tower is located near Sheikh Sadough Street and it is one of the most advanced towers in terms of construction, also, this tower has more nests.

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