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Tourists' comments about Naqshe- Jahan Square

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One of the wonders of this mosque is its tiles. The stunning beauty of these tiles is dazzling and attractive to any viewer. 

 Harry: The city is very beautiful. The markets are very beautiful. The tiles are amazing! All the places we visited today are unique. For us, this is a completely new and different experience.

John: We just visited this palace. It is very beautiful, we went up the stairs a few floors, we saw the decorations inside the palace and finally, we reached the sixth floor where it is said that it was a place for music, the acoustics inside are excellent.

Zack: This is unbelievable! I have never seen such a thing in my whole life. On the other side of the palace, when you look at it, you imagine that you will enter a large hall, but when you enter, you will encounter an unexpected atmosphere. Truly unbelievable and unimaginable.

You can also read comments about the Kianpour boutique hotel on this website. Spoiler alert: they are encouraging. One of the attractions of Naqshe- Jahan Square is the mosques in which some mosques are not only prominent in terms of Iranian and Islamic architecture but also famous for their beautiful tiles. Shah Mosque is one of the most important works of the Safavid era. Its important features are very beautiful inscriptions as well as the reflection of sound under its dome.

One of the wonders of this mosque is its tiles. The stunning beauty of these tiles is dazzling and attractive to any viewer. The tile decorations of Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque have made it one of the most beautiful historical monuments in Isfahan, but you should know that the main purpose of tiles is to protect the mosque from wind and rain.

Surprise tourists with the beauty of Naqshe- Jahan Square

Jolly: It is really surprising. These beautiful blue tiles with floral designs on them are mesmerizing.

Emma: It is very beautiful and colorful here; the tiles are very beautiful and the decorations are very beautiful.

David: I was really impressed. The details included in the tiles and their elegance surprised us.

Kate: What has caught my attention is the accompaniment of colors. The different shades of blue and their combination on the tiles are very special and unique.

I have not said much about the beauties of Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, but in my opinion, the tiling under the dome is the most beautiful design that you can see in Iranian carpets. One of the most important features of Isfahan School of Architecture, while being simple and mysterious. It was a school. It showed the expertise and mastery that the architects and urban planners of Isfahan in the Safavid era had in sciences such as philosophy and mysticism, and finally, by using these sciences in the construction of this building, they were built mysteriously. The appearance that you see from the surrounding buildings and mosques, there is a kind of esoteric view in the interior buildings of Isfahan, which is harder to discover the secrets of this part than other parts.

Caesarea Bazaar is located on the north side of Naqshe- Jahan Square, which is also called the Grand Bazaar. When you enter this complex, that is, inside the bazaar, after about half an hour walk, you will reach the old Grand Mosque, the old part of the bazaar, whose architecture dates back to the Seljuk era in the 11th century.

Isfahan Bazaar is one of the largest markets in the Middle East, which has always been mentioned in the travelogues of great tourists. The third floor, which has now been demolished, is a tin house that announced religious times. One of the most attractive parts of Naqshe- Jahan Square is Qaisaria Bazaar. Do not confuse this bazaar with the traditional bazaar.

This market is one of the longest indoor markets in the world, which is approximately 8 km long. Naqshe- Jahan Square, which is considered a tourist center today, was actually a political, economic, religious, and sports center. Do not forget that this was the place where polo games were held in the Safavid era.



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