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Naqsh-e Jahan Square

Second most famous square in the world

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Naqshe- Jahan square is the second big square in the world and it is located in Isfahan. Kianpour historic house accommodation in Iran is in a close neighborhood, and you can easily walk from our hotel to Naqshe- Jahan square.



Before the Safavid rule, there was a garden in this place called Naqshe Jahan. The name of this garden was taken from a city in Azerbaijan, which is now called Nakhchivan. Regarding this city, experts claim: “It is a happy city and it is called the role of the world and most of its buildings are made of bricks". During the reign of Reza Shah, after the reconstruction of the square and the surrounding buildings, the official name of the square became Shah Square, and also the Abbasi Grand Mosque became the Shah Mosque. 

The Naqshe- Jahan square from the perspective of historians

The French tourist is known as Dave Lafois, who visited this square in 1298 AH, says about it: I do not need to solve an important problem that I should try to work on like the Greek Pythagoras, on the contrary, it is clear to me and I can say with complete confidence that there is no building in today's civilized and urban world that is comparable to this square in any way, whether it is symmetrical or beautiful. This is not just my personal opinion because other Europeans who specialize in engineering and architecture have this view.

Also, the Italian tourist named Pietro Delavalle has this opinion and belief that: Around this magnificent square, it is surrounded by equal, harmonious and beautiful buildings that are not cut off at any point, all the shops are level with the streets and All the doors are large and above them, the windows and porches with the most beautiful and varied decorations have created a stunning view.

The fit in the architecture and the elegance of the work in this square gives it a double beauty, and I can boldly say that I prefer Naqshe- Jahan square to the buildings of the rare Navo Square "Rome", which are taller and richer.

A German Iranologist named Prof. Professor Hintz wrote about Naqshe- Jahan Square: The square is located exactly in the center of the city. This building was built at a time when we do not have a similar one in terms of size, architecture style, and urban planning principles in the world. The famous French tourist named Chardin introduces Naqshe- Jahan square as a big shopping center of the eastern world.

In the book of Iranian architecture, Professor Arthur Pope, which is related to the Shah Mosque, wrote: Although Shah Abbas was impatiently waiting for the completion of the mosque, the construction of this mosque proceeded slowly, so that its marble facade was completed in 1638 AD. This historical mosque is a sign of several thousand years of Iranian history in mosque construction.

Alireza Abbasi has written the inscription on the head of the mosque in the third line Alireza, the famous calligrapher of the Safavid era, and the date to 1025 AH shows that Shah Abbas built this mosque from his pure and innocent property and rewarded the soul of the great ancestor. The gift was given by Shah Tahmasb himself. In the lower part of this inscription, another inscription has been installed which is engraved with the handwriting of Mohammad Reza Emami, through which the architect of the new Isfahan Grand Mosque (in front of the Old Grand Mosque), namely Master Ali Akbar Esfahani has been appreciated and appreciated. The height of the great dome of the mosque is 52 meters and the minarets inside it are 48 meters high and the minarets at its entrance in Naqshe- Jahan square e are 42 meters high. Large pieces of integrated marble stones and exquisite stones. Especially the exquisite Sangab of the western nave of the great dome, which is dated to 1095 AH, is one of the most spectacular parts of this unique mosque in the Islamic world. To visit all this beautiful magic all you need is to book a room in Kianpour-house in Isfahan.


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