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Haven’t you taste Traditional Iranian bread in a historic hotel yet?

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Isfahan has the best bread in Iran and it is almost famous all around the middle east. Traditional bread is a delicious souvenir in the tourists’ baskets. 

 Isfahan bread

Isfahan bread is one of the delicious bread that you can order in old hotels in Iran. Kianpour boutique hotel in Isfahan will provide you with the best bread of Isfahan. You can sit in the royal room or in the yard of this traditional hotel in Iran; and, enjoy an ancient breakfast. 

In ancient Iran, in the corners of cities, there were houses where the women of the family with indescribable love turned the corner of their lives into a small bakery and tried to bring her family to the table. In the past, when people passed a bakery, the smell of bread aroused their appetite, eating bread was tempting and appetizing. Bread replaced all the snacks and colorful and glazed snacks of today. 

Today, however, bread does have less of the flavor of the past, and this is due to the destructive effects of urban life on the fabric of human life, which has endangered the health of our collective life. But, Kianpour house accommodation in Iran, provides traditional bread to its guest. Unfortunately, in recent years, baking bread in various forms has been marginalized throughout the country, and there is no longer any news about those fragrant and delicious old bread as if our bread have lost their originality and lack the quality of the past in daily market. However, there are few bakeries that provide the best traditional bread. Eating breakfast in Kianpour hotel is supplied by these bakeries. 

The development of urbanization has caused daily market bread to become artificial and machine-made, and instead of being baked in clay and stone ovens, they burn under the fire of bakery machines and become bread from the dough. But there are still houses in different parts of the cities and villages where the women of the family, with indescribable love, have turned the corner of their lives into a small bakery and are cooking bread for special people and traditional hotels like Kianpour historic hotel.

In this regard, the first festival of "Traditional bread" was held in Isfahan, which 70 bakers attended, each baker sifted flour and dough and gave fresh local bread to the visitors. A festival with the approach of showing the baking and distribution of special bread, which can be included in the tourist basket as one of the delicious souvenirs.


Holding a festival is a way to show traditional Iranian bread to the world

The Deputy Minister of Tourism of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage of Isfahan Province, attending the first traditional bread festival said: Isfahan with its beautiful texture and many historical sites, has a great potential to attract tourists.

He added: "Today, cities and villages are trying to attract tourists because the industry is easy and clean for the development of cities and villages; there are industries in the country that create many problems for their region, while tourism does not have these problems.

Mohsen Yarmohammadian, stating that according to the statistics of the World Tourism Organization, each person can attract 13 to 15 people, said: "The most important style of promoting tourism capacity is holding these festivals, and we hope this city will reach the desired position with the help of officials."

He pointed out: Festivals are one of the good ways to attract tourists; Many of the top countries do not have good content to attract tourists to present to the people, but in Iran, there are extraordinary historical tourism capacities that we must offer to the people of the world. The Deputy Minister of Tourism of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage of Isfahan Province, stating that this festival is the beginning of a way to introduce traditional bread to the world, said: We try to do this soon and in the best way, the efforts of city officials actually burden our responsibility to perform our duties in the best way. Kianpour house accommodation in Iran provides this local bread to its guest in order to help to introduce it to the world.



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