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The beginning of a new era in the hotel industry

In the twentieth century, new and prestigious hotels began to operate rapidly.

Since then, due to the presence of black gold in the Middle East, traders around the world have been attracted and this has led to the development of hotel management in cities such as Isfahan, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Jeddah, and such. The hotel chain announced its existence during this period. From the early 1980s, a new era in hospitality began and creative and innovative marketing began, and hotels grew dramatically. This led to the construction of hotels near airports, conference hotels, hospital hotels, leisure hotels, and so on. The Kianpour boutique hotel has been built around the 1780s as a family house residence. The first hotel management systems appeared in the hotel market and the first hotel management system started operating. Accordingly, the hotel industry became competitive and the hoteliers' goal shifted to leisure and retired travelers

In the early 1990s, there was a recession in hotels, one of the main reasons for which was the crisis in the Persian Gulf. This forced the hotels to be more creative in attracting guests. It was the first time that the environment and energy conservation played an important role in hotel marketing activities. Reservation systems became more popular, and hoteliers introduced new dimensions to customer loyalty and database building. The first hotel room management system was launched in 1995 in Europe.

Well-known brands in the hotel industry such as Hayat, Hilton, Marriott, Starwood, Ritz, etc. have emerged and are doing very well. The future of this industry will be very bright due to the growing interest of people in travel and tourism. In fact, the hospitality industry was a unifying force that made the world a global village and brought different cultures closer together.

When it comes to hotel reservations, everyone is looking for special hotels. This seems to make perfect sense, as historical hotels have cleaner, better-equipped rooms and will be much more comfortable to stay in. The Kianpour boutique hotel is a historical house residence that was a family house at first. It was built during the Qajar era and was renewed recently. This historic house guest in Iran is now a boutique hotel that has six perfectly equipped rooms for you.

About old hotels in Iran

The discussion of old hotels in Iran can be a bit complicated. Undoubtedly, Iran also has a hotel as the oldest hotel; It is the first hotel built in the country. Of course, if we want to go to the ancestors of these hotels or inns, we may reach the Achaemenid era; But we do not go far back. We can assign three categories to ancient Iranian hotels: ancient house guess in Iran, Karavansara, and ancient mid-way Karavansara.

The oldest hotel in Iran; which is not active now, is the Grand Hotel in Tehran. Kianpour boutique hotel in Isfahan was built before the Grand hotel but as a family house and recently it has been renewed to a historical house accommodation in Iran.



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