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Karavansar the oldest hotels in world

World's first hotels

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How did the world's first hotels shape?

Nowadays, hotels are much more advanced than before and provide all the necessary amenities for you


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In the continuation of this article, join us to tell you how the first hotels in the world came into life

The study of history shows that the Greeks created places for the use of spas and the rest of the guests around them. Later, the Romans dedicated their homes to travelers. However, it can be said that the Iranians played an influential role in creating this industry. The construction of caravanserais and residential buildings along the Silk Road and other roads has shown the attention of Iranians to this issue. In the Middle Ages, rocks and monasteries were the first places to shelter travelers.

Introduction to the beginning of the hotel industry

From the mid-1700s, the term "hotel" was used to reside in Europe. The first agency, opened by Thomas Cook in England in the mid-1800s, offered only one package, including rail tickets and a tour book. The Industrial Revolution, which began in the 1760s, helped build hotels throughout the city. Hotels were first established in downtown New York and then in Copenhagen. In the early 1800s, a royal hotel was built in London. Resorts began to operate in France and Italy, hotels in Japan began to grow, and in India, cottages provided reliable accommodation for travelers. The first luxury hotel in downtown Boston was the Terry Mount, which had facilities such as a private toilet, room door lock, and a food menu.

In 1822, an old palace in Venice was converted into a hotel, and during this period, a new hotel was established in Cairo. In New York, the New York Hotel was the first hotel to have a private bathroom. In 1841 a hotel opened in Munich. In 1862, the Grand Hotel Paris opened. The decoration and painting of this hotel used world-renowned masters and the first hydraulic elevator was installed in this hotel. The Sagamore Hotel in New York State was the first hotel to provide power to all of its rooms. In 1890, the first hotel school for hoteliers was established in Lausanne, Switzerland, and it was the first time that a hotel in New York City had a telephone room in its rooms. In Iran, at the end of the Qajar era, the first hotel called Grand Hotel was opened on 1300 square meters of land. The hotel had 25 deluxe rooms, a large 600-seat auditorium, and a European-style restaurant.


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