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The joy of drinking tea in an ancient hotel in Iran

Tea party

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The joy of drinking tea in an ancient hotel in Iran

Tea, which has long had a special place on the shelves of every Iranian and its consumption of a few meals is a daily requirement of many people. It seems to be the second most vital drink after water!


Tea, as a high-consumption drink that’s origins, goes back to China. It has gradually replaced coffee after its arrival in Iran and has caught many Iranians attention itself. so that, today this drink has warmed many gatherings - from circles, family, and friends to formal appointments and conversations.

It is only with tea that our friendship circle warms up

"I cannot express any idea about tea except drinking it. I think talking about tea spoils it; "According to Paul Valerie, no one can taste the wine with any words, and this is our story with tea too!" if you enjoy hot beverages like tea or coffee and you like to sit in a beautiful Persian yard. Kianpour boutique hotel in Iran will provide the best of both for you.

I have a strange love for coffee and a long-standing friendship with tea!

Nasr, who was once a journalist and now a history teacher and he is also applying for a doctoral entrance exam, claimed: "My field, history, would require long-term studies; In this way, I have two friends who are tea and coffee! Although I love my coffee, if I choose between tea and coffee, I will definitely choose tea! It should not be too strange and far-fetched to be able to love both coffee and tea at the same time; These two are always together and friends and each of them plays their lovers in a way! "As I said, he had a strange love for coffee, and now I have to say that I have an old friendship with tea!" booking a room in a historical hotel in Iran, and drinking tea in it is a unique experience that you can have.

December 15 is World Tea Day and it is currently celebrated in major tea-producing countries including Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and more. Researchers have recently discovered that black tea may also play a role in human health and weight loss through a special mechanism by intestinal microbiomes. The researchers also found that green tea polyphenols are more effective, and because green tea chemicals are absorbed into the blood and body tissues, they are healthier than black tea.

A cup of tea, like an old notebook, evokes bittersweet memories that evoke the joys and nostalgia of the past for the living. But tea also has an older history that reminds us of the folklore of our ancestors; A legacy that can be traced back to the old cafes where the samovar roared and the small glass cups filled with fragrant tea, as well as the smoke that traditional hookahs emit into the air. The only thing you need to do in order to taste some of this Persian history is to reserve a room in a hotel in Iran, however, a historical hotel in Iran, like the Kianpour boutique hotel is able to give you the best of it.


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