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The only Qajar hotel that still is accepting guests in Iran 

 Persia or in another way Iran has been going through many changes. If we want to say it in one word. It has a history with a lot of y’s at the end of that word.

The latest changes happened quite recently. About 50 years ago; an Islamic revolution has happened in Iran. Before that; the Pahlavi family ruled Iran for about 100 years. Before Pahlavi, Qajarians ruled Iran. During the Qajar era, Iran was full of rich architecture and full of Islamic and eastern arts.  

Among Qajar, Pahlavi, and Islamic eras; Kianpour historical house has reserved its own spirit and holds a great deal of art and architecture within its walls. This traditional house accommodation in Iran has been built during the Qajar era and after that was used as a family house. Because of its model of usage has been done some changes it. 

By changing, we mean that this house has been renewed with the goal of making it hospitable for foreign tourists. It has not been changing in the core or architecture of the traditional house guest in Isfahan. Making European bathrooms and facilities within each room was the major change in it. 

This old guest house in Iran has Qajar architecture, first and second Pahlavi architecture in it. The eastern rooms of the Kianpour boutique hotel in Iran have Qajar sprit and in the western rooms, you can see Pahlavi changes in architecture. in the middle of the house, we have Shah-neshin's room.

Feel how royal families party in Iran

Shah-neshin room is a room with the most accessories, art, mirror work and etc. this room used to be a room of gathering, meeting, and partying for Persian families. 

Shah-neshin room has seen many different food and feasts. The vast majority of people, laughter and tears. Weddings and funerals and such. If you want to book a room in a hotel in Iran. Consider booking a room in a historic hotel in Iran. In which you can touch the Persian history and art.

Kianpour boutique hotel in Iran has made it to the top historical hotels in Iran. Many honored guest has commented about us, which you can easily check it out in our homepage. In the end, if you want to sit in a king room (Shah-neshin), drink and feed in it, and enjoy art, history, and view at the same time; book a room in the best historical house accommodation in Iran; AKA Kianpour house. 



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