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The best desert of Isfahan

The best desert of Isfahan

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Find out about the ancient desert of Iran 

For whom, who are interested in having a vacation in Iran, and want to check out Iranian old deserts and historical house accommodations in Iran. Isfahan is the best destination. In this regard, the Kianpour boutique hotel in Isfahan is their best option.

 Due to its location in the center of Iran, Isfahan province is a short distance from the desert plain, and parts of this province are completely desert. Among the deserts suitable for tourism and camping, a number of these deserts are located in Isfahan province. The closest desert to the city of Isfahan and the most famous desert of this province is called the Varzaneh desert.

Varzaneh desert is also known as Khara desert and it takes its name from the vast desert of Khara; but today, in the desert division of this region, Khara desert and Varzaneh desert are considered as two separate desert areas. At present, the Khara desert is located 30 km away from the Varzaneh desert and near Khara village.

Varzaneh is one of the most beautiful deserts in Iran in Isfahan province and "Gavkhoni Wetland" is one of the prominent sights of this desert. The existence of the Gavkhoni wetland has caused the emergence of desert shrubs and animal species in this area. Of course, it should be remembered that the Gavkhooni wetland does not have water in the warm months of the year. "Khara Salt Lake" is another natural attraction near the Varzaneh desert. Kianpour historical house residence in Isfahan will arrange transportation for its guest if they are interested.

The sand dunes in the Varzaneh desert are flowing and by staying in this desert and spending time among its sands, you will see the movement of the sands. The largest desert recreation site in Iran is located in the Varzaneh desert, and by camping in this desert, you can enjoy the facilities of its desert site, such as riding a four-wheeled motorbike, zip line, camel riding, and desert touring on the sands by off-road vehicle. After all, one of the best moments to walk in the desert is walking on the warm sand.

There is a variety of flora and fauna in this desert, which can be mentioned such as plants such as Taq Taqwa, Skanbil, Gaz, and Hawthorn shrubs, and among the animals of Varzaneh desert, we can name fox and sand cat, pameswaki, and sargape.

During the trip to the Varzaneh desert, you can see the unique historical attractions near this desert. Among the most prominent sights near the Varzaneh desert, we can mention "Gortan pigeon tower" and "Gortan castle" at a distance of about 20 km from the desert and the rabbit castle caravanserai in 70 km.

The best time to travel to the Varzaneh desert starts in September and lasts until early April. It may not be possible for many people to imagine the cold in the desert; but if you plan to travel to Varzaneh desert in autumn or winter, you should know that the night temperature drops to minus 10 degrees; however, in these seasons the weather is great during the day.

In order to stay in the Varzaneh desert, you can use local accommodations. The best of the accommodations is Kianpour historical house in Iran. Kianpour historic house accommodation in Isfahan has a traditional and pleasant environment with suitable facilities. Varzaneh desert also has a suitable space for those who are interested in exploring the desert and camping among the sands.

The distance from the Varzaneh desert to Tehran is about 530 km. Varzaneh desert is located in the center of Iran and east of Isfahan province. The location of this desert has made it easy for travelers to reach many cities in Iran. It is enough to get to the east of Isfahan. The cities of Ardestan, Anarak, Isfahan, and Shahreza around the Varzaneh desert provide access to this area. You can choose the best route and ask for more information from the Kianpour hotel in Iran.


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