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Deserts of Iran

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Do you want to know about top desert hotels in Iran? 

Are you looking for an adventure through the ancient desert and seek house accommodations in Iran? Kianpour boutique hotel would make your vacation in Iran memorable for you. 

 The deserts of Iran are one of the most unique tourist destinations in our country. Travel to the best deserts of Iran for those who are interested in the oldest times is one of the best tourism experiences.

Iran is known as the land of four seasons due to its special geographical location. In some months of the year in Iran, the temperature range of minus 20 degrees to positive 20 degrees can be recorded. This diversity of climate has made Iran a tourist destination all year round.

Iran's deserts are popular destinations for domestic and foreign tourists. The best time to travel to the deserts of Iran is the second half of the year in autumn and winter. A large part of the country is covered by the deserts of the Dasht-e Kavir and Loot Desert in the center and southeast of the country. The best deserts of Iran are located in the heart of these great deserts. 

There are few hotels in Iran which can give you the experience of staying in the desert. Kianpour boutique hotel in Isfahan is close to one of the most famous deserts in the world. 

Where to go in the desert?

Tourists who are interested in desert tourism and camping in the desert, definitely know the beautiful deserts of Iran; But if you do not have the experience of traveling to the desert and the question of where to go in the desert has crossed your mind, do not miss this article. The best deserts of Iran are located in the provinces of South Khorasan, Isfahan, Kerman, Yazd, and Semnan. Each of the deserts located in the desert plain and Loot desert has its own unique attractions and beauty. 

At first glance, the gray and brown color of the desert may catch your eye; but by walking in the desert, you will see a beautiful range of colors. The beauties of the desert are indescribable. If you have the experience of desert wandering and staying in the sands of a desert, you know that the moment of sunset and the starry sky of the desert are the best views of the desert.

With proper knowledge of different deserts, knowledge of their geographical location, and knowing the access route to the deserts of Iran, you can choose your desired destination. In the following, we will introduce the best desert of Iran which also is close to a historical house accommodation in Iran.

The famous desert of Isfahan

Due to its location in the center of Iran, Isfahan province is a short distance from the desert plain, and parts of this province are completely desert. Among the deserts suitable for tourism and camping, a number of these deserts are located in Isfahan province. The closest desert to the city of Isfahan and the most famous desert of this province is called the Varzaneh desert.

Varzaneh desert is located 100 km east of Isfahan and 150 km west of Yazd. Varzaneh desert is surrounded by Varzaneh city and Zayandehrud river from the north, Gavkhoni wetland from the east, Hassanabad from the south, and Varzaneh to Hassanabad transportation axis from the west. The entire Varzaneh Desert is covered with north-south sand dunes. The shapes of the sand dunes are crescent-shaped, longitudinal, and pyramidal, and at the highest points, they reach a height of 100 meters. Kianpour historical hotel in Iran has made it possible to book a room in Isfahan and call for a taxi to take you to Varzane.


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