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How to choose the right destination for my trip

We all like to travel to different destinations in the world and we have many options of choices. However, our time and budget are limited and we have to choose a destination for the trip that is more in line with our mood. 

In this article from Kianpour Historical House, we intend to introduce a destination that is more in line with your mood through a series of very simple but interesting characteristics

Do you like nature tours or are you interested in history and culture?

Summer is a good season for fun and excursions, and in Iran, this country of four seasons, there are many destinations for travel. It is up to you to decide which tourist destination best suits your mood. Some go to the holy city of Mashhad or choose to visit half of the world (Isfahan). For others, the gate of Semnan citadel, Garmsar salt cave, Shahroud cloud forest, and Kaboud mosque are more attractive. Other people like nature, the beauty of the roads, discovering the pristine nature, and wandering the small and large lakes are more attractive to them. For this category, options such as Daniel Cave, Kandovan village, burnt city, and Khorramabad celestial castle are preferred.

Now if you are a tourist who looks at travel as relaxation. You are looking for trips to pristine and beautiful places with living facilities. You like to go to beautiful and historic villages, provided that all the amenities and health facilities are available during the trip. 

You are very interested in pristine and even historical landscapes. If the view is admirable, it will take away all your tiredness in an instant. However, you love new experiences. If you walk past a restaurant and you smell a fresh meal, you will not miss the opportunity or experience of eating a new meal.

If you enjoy all of these in one place, we recommend Isfahan and its historical house accommodations in Iran such as the Kianpour boutique hotel. We always suggest that you know the ingredients before eating any unknown food, which of course is not very important for domestic travel.

In the end, this group of tourists is advised to travel more to tourist destinations such as historical sites. Or if they are planning a nature trip, make sure that their travel destination has good facilities. You are a fun seeker tourist. Travel is just having fun for you, as a result, the Kianpour house hotel in Iran is a great place for you.

are you an extrovert person?

If so, you only go to places where entertainment is available. The sea, the beach, the music, the great food, all of which are essential to your trip. So, before you travel, check to choose the destination that is closest to these goals. The more you travel to nature, the fresher your mood. However, gaining a little unique experience on each trip is necessary. As result, our suggestion is to visit historical places or amazing landscapes during these entertainment programs. Perhaps one of these historic areas is equal to all the fun options. An old hotel in Iran, which is also a historical site. How fun is that? Kianpour historical house in Iran is a place for you to browse and live thorough history.


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