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 traditional house accommodations in Iran

Persia's oldest hotels

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Oldest hotels in Iran

If you want to get familiar with the traditional house accommodations in Iran and the oldest hotels in Iran. Read this article to the end

For a long time, people used to move out of the city of their place of residence and travel to far and near places in order to do various things, and this has been a part of people's lives since ancient times under the pretext of trade, tourism, pilgrimage or work and still is.

In ancient times, traveling was associated with dangers and created many problems for travelers. One of the most important of which was a place to rest, sleep and spend the night. This was the reason for creating safe places for caravans; which was called the caravanserai.

Over time and as communities developed, these old house accommodations became more modern and advanced and were renamed hotels.

The oldest hotel in Iran and the memories of Lalehzar

Grand Hotel is the oldest hotel in Iran and one of the architectural works of the late Qajar era. This hotel was built by a Caucasian immigrant named Baqer Khan with an area of 1300 square meters on South Lalehzar Street. The hospitality pattern of this hotel was inspired by the hospitality style in European hotels.

This hotel was located on Lalehzar Street in Tehran, the place where Mirzadeh Eshghi's plays, Aref Qazvini's poetry readings, and Ghamralmoluk Vaziri performances were performed. Before the Grand Hotel, foreign nationals traveling to Iran stayed at their country's embassies or visited some of the boarding houses in northern Tehran.

The hotel maintained its prestige until the end of Reza Shah's reign, continued to operate until the middle of the reign of Mohammad Reza Shah, and then gradually, its prosperity diminished and closed. Ali Hatami built a model of this hotel a few kilometers away from Tehran and became famous again, but no one searched about the Original Grand Hotel after that.

Nowadays, this historic mansion is in the hands of electrical appliance sellers, who have replaced tailors and weavers in the building for several years. The hotel's delicate brickwork is all cemented and its balconies are lined with building appliances. Vendors have arched and duplexed the shop between the floor and high ceilings of the rooms. The walls facing the corridor have also been removed and tall glass doors have been installed. The inner courtyard of the Grand Hotel, once a refinery garden, is now a dock.

The oldest active hotels in Iran

Kianpour boutique hotel in Isfahan is among the oldest house accommodations in Isfahan. This traditional hotel in Isfahan has been built during the Qajar era as a family house and after taking its time; it was renewed as a traditional house accommodation in Iran.

Kianpour house has the history of the Qajar era and also the first and second Pahlavi within itself. You can sit in its yard, drink a cup of pure coffee and enjoy traditional Iranian dry fruits, nuts and snacks.


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