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Historical house gardens in Iran

Iranian house gardens

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It feels awesome to sit in a historical house garden in Iran

In this time of COVID crises, we recommend you to take a virtual tour in Kianpour historical house in Iran. you will enjoy it.

What type of people are you? commoners or legends?

In many people opinion vacation is a beach house or super high mountains. However, there are few people how enjoy rich historical backgrounds. Iran which is a country with more than 3500 years of history is oldest civilization in the world. Many of historical monuments in Iran have reached todays intact or have few adaptations. In this review, we will talk about historical house gardens in Iran.

Historical house gardens in Iran are vast and vary. If you are from scarce people whom appreciate history and old accommodations; Iranian historical houses have to be your destination. In oldest Iranian culture, houses were built based on not only owners’ wealth, but also their occupation and family background.

Historical house gardens in Iran used to have been built in more than 5000 ankers. With growing the population and Iranian family culture these hoses become more and more compacted. There is a huge chance to taste some of this history with your own sole by visiting Kianpour historical house in Isfahan. 

As we were saying, population grown and children needed space and their own houses. In Iranian history boys took jobs and spaces after their fathers. Many of these people still are living among other Iranian cultures, which injected in Iran little by little. 

As a result, children were small mentions inside of family house gardens. One family may have had more than five boys and in result you can imagine what happens. The big house garden has to be divided into five smaller house gardens. 

There are few big historical house gardens left from that time but there are historical mansions in Iran and Isfahan from ancient Iran. Kianpour historical house dates back to Qajar era which was about 200 years ago, this house has been over reconstruction fir tourism usage and has been documented as an original historical house in Isfahan. 

Kianpour historical house have seen three eras. Qajar, Pahlavi and Islamic republic. In this house you can see pure Qajar architecture, in east side of the house and you can see Pahlavi era in center and late Pahlavi at west side of the historical house of Kianpour. 

Pahlavi and Qajar were two Royal families which role Iran for more than 300 years. In their time many changes have accrued in different parts of Iranian culture. The most important changes happened during Pahlavi era. The changing prosses is something that you can easily see in an original historic house in Iran like Kianpour boutique hotel. We hope that you strongly consider visiting this beautiful house, either, virtual or actual.


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