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Two Qajarian historical houses in Iran

Two Qajarian historical houses in Iran

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Dr. Sandosi's Museum House

Dr. Sandozi's home used to be the Dr. Sandozi's dental office, which has now been transformed into a museum of sculptures. Dr. Sandosi, who now lives abroad, has dedicated his home and office to the people of Tehran to become a museum-house.

Dr. Sandosi's Museum House in Iran was established in the dental office site of Dr. Amir Ismail Sandosi (dentist and sculptor). All of the equipment, the personal library, artworks of painting, the special designs, the sculptures, the manuscripts and even the memorials of Dr. Sandosi's friends are on display at the Dr. Sandosi Museum House in Iran. In 2005, Dr. Sandosi donated his office and all of his dental equipment, along with a specialized personal library and dozens of valuable artworks, including sculpture and paintings, to the Tehran Municipality's Cultural Development Organization.

After few years, a museum was named after him. This museum was in his office with the presence of the members of the Islamic Council of Tehran and the head of the organization and senior managers in the presence of a group of prominent artists. But the condition of the museum was such that it needed to be rebuilt, so after a few years of closure for reconstruction, it began to accept visitors. The works include sixty statues and sixty paintings.

Piles of overlaid panels, some hanging on the walls, and some in the darkness of the room, are just large black spots that surround there are designed for flooring. This small space has served the artist, poet and writer for many years. This is the title of the office of the Museum of this Master, located at the end of 12th Alley, Bucharest Street. Around this street you can find one or two luxury hotels in Iran.

The museum houses in Iran are more concept-oriented in these sculptures, and their concepts and works are rooted in poetry and literature, which plays an important role in their sculptures like a symphony.

This museum is a good place for sculpture enthusiasts. Alongside the permanent exhibition of Dr. Sandosi's works, this place is also home to specialized art meetings, various festivals called Contemporary Design, Artists, Art Nurses and more have taken placed here. Amir Ismail Sandosi was born in Tehran and received his doctorate from the Faculty of Dentistry of Tehran University. He got acquainted with theater, poetry, music and most importantly with visual arts. He became interested more in art and created beautiful statues in various styles such as cubism, impressionism and realism. Dr. Sandosi, after being had to travel abroad, turned his office into a place to display his works. He also owned a historical house accommodation in Iran.

The Museum of Contemporary Arts is trying to make the artist self-taught and active in different art styles by providing books of his works in a better and more comprehensive way. Due to the lack of space, it is impossible to display all these works at once, some of them will be displayed in turns.

Address: No. 12, Ahmad Qasir Street (Bucharest), Argentina Square, Tehran, Iran

Famoury historical House in Iran

From the Qajar era Tehran's Famoury historical house is located on Republic Street, a street that is home to old guest houses in Iran, and most of us love these buildings, perhaps because they are a reminder of our past. Homes, buildings, and streets that, unlike most things today, had special and unique designs. The Famoury historical house in Iran is also one of those houses renovated by the homeowner, Mr. Famoury, in 2008, and is therefore called Famoury historical luxury guest house in Iran. This house was capable of surviving of historical demolition of monuments on Republic Street.

This historical house residence in Iran with a stone pond, brick facade, and Qajar-era architectural style are among the most spectacular Qajar sightseeing rentals for galleries. The traditional and clever design of the Famoury home has made it a paradise amid the skyscrapers of Republic Street. Jewelry, furniture and home furnishings are all in the house's interior, and at the far end of the courtyard is a beautiful flower studio. From the entrance that starts with an Iranian courtyard defines beautifully restored interior space, you will find an excitement that makes the experience of visiting this area more enjoyable.

Famoury House was listed on the National Heritage List of Iran on August 6, 2009. This was a major step in the field of historical monuments of Tehran.

Address: Republic Street, between Valiasr and Hafez St, Tehran, Iran


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