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Two historical mansions in Iran

Two historical mansions in Iran

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Koocheh-Nezamieh historical building in Tehran

The old mansion of Koocheh-Nezamieh were built during the First Pahlavi era and it is located in Tehran, Baharestan Square, Shahid Hassan Asalat Alley. This mansion has been registered as one of Iran's national monuments.

The old mansion of Koocheh-Nezamieh is built on an area of approximately 430 square meters and it consists of two floors, one of which also has a basement. Due to the trend of urban developments in this area and the architectural and stylistic features of the old Koocheh-Nezamieh, the date of its construction can be traced back to about one hundred years ago. The whole area of the property is about 390 square meters and the plan is rectangular. The study of Tehran year-plan shows that the construction has not been carried out in the area of Nezamieh Garden and construction in this area goes back to the first Pahlavi era. During this time, the state of this area was purchased by Sardar Sepah from his companion al-Saltanah and extensive changes were made to it.

The main entrance of this historical house residence in Iran is located on the south side and in the center, two main areas are on the east and west sides of the entrance, and the other ground floor architectural spaces are located on the north side of the western east corridor, behind the rooms. At the eastern and western ends of the corridor, there are also openings that allow communication with the exterior. This used to be a method for having easier communication in luxury hotels in Iran or in luxury houses in Iran.

Tehran Roshan house mansion

Tehran Roshan house mansion were built around a century earlier with extraordinary architecture. The mansion that has become one of the most important monuments in the Iranian capital today. This historical mansion in Iran were built as an important and vibrant business center and inspired by Gothic architecture. The architecture that if you stand in front of it will undoubtedly astonishes you with its unique appearance. The magnificent architecture, which was later was demolished, was restored and rebuilt by one of Iran's most famous engineers, Safa Manesh in the seventies, and it took on a more beautiful appearance nowadays. This palace in Iran combines modern and traditional architecture with a special effect that is located on Nasser Khosro Street.

The presence of semi-nude angels in this place indicates the influence of European architecture in the Pahlavi era. The presence of Ahura Mazda, a symbol of the Achaemenes era, in this building reflects the traditional Iranian architecture used in it. The columns and sculpture decorations, inspired by Baroque architecture, illustrate the European architecture used in the Roshan house mansion in Iran. Traditional tile work dedicated to Iranian art is best used to represent Iranian architecture of the stone-jobs. By walking through this traditional-modern building you can well touch and see the history of a century ago. The Roshan Market is made up of several large shops and yards, which, despite the refurbishment, still show signs of glory within the market. The boom of this market that is no longer the same as before is well visible in the different floors of the building.

There is also a huge underground market that has become a warehouse for goods nowadays. Although the business boom of this market has diminished, the sight of this magnificent architecture has continued to grow and become one of Tehran's most attractive historical palaces for tourists. The symbols carved on the body of mansion carry important designs from the past, furthermore, the tall porches and columns are important aesthetic features of the building. Images that can be seen in the building include: winged sun, winged body, colorful and attractive decorations and designs that have contributed to the unique beauty of the building. The brick decoration of the exterior and interior walls of the building is another example of Iranian artistic architecture that is well visible in this European-Iranian building. If you are interested in Architecture or have chosen Architecture for your education, we suggest that you visit this mansion because this collection, based on scientific and principled methods offers a world of incorporates, fundamental and tangible sciences related to the art of architecture.

How to get to Roshan house mansion

Roshan Saraye Mansion is located on one of the busiest streets of Tehran so it is best to leave out your car option and take the subway or bus in order to get to this street. You can take the metro from the 15th of Khordad station on the subway line and reach the Nasser Khosro Street in ten minutes without fatigue and frustration caused by Tehran traffic, and after a few minutes of walking, see the old texture of this street; after that, step into the magnificent Mansion of the Bright House (Saraye Roshan).

Address of the market of Roshan house mansion: The building is located in the middle of Nasser Khosro Street, near Marvi Alley.


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