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Four tips for booking a luxury hotel in Iran

Four tips for booking a luxury hotel in Iran

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Traveling is an important part of people’s lives. When a person have had a hard year, or had a huge amount of pressure on him; going on a trip is a solution to be refresh and get some fresh air. Traveling abroad is something that you need to search for some data before taking it. For example;

how much would it cost you to book a luxury hotel in London or how much is to book a luxury hotel in Isfahan? Is the weather agrees with you? Do you like cold environment such as mountains or you like to take a sunbath beside a clean ocean. 

These types of questions are some example for you to consider before booking a hotel in Iran or any other country. But let us talk more about Iranian hotel situations as we promised. 

First, when you want to book a room in Iran in any hotel or traditional house accommodation in Iran; it is essential that you can book it over internet. Because of some problems that most of the unprofessional in this industry face, just reading a review and take the plain to this destination is somehow a bold action. Your room may be rented before you get there, however, Kianpour boutique hotel is deadly serious about this issue to avoid these kind of problems in a professional way.

Second, there are a huge difference in booking fee at different hotels in Iran. As yelp and other types of hotel industry surveillances doesn’t work properly in Iran and most of guests of big hotels in Iran are native Persians; you cannot realize how well is the services in those hotels. In this case, Kianpour boutique hotel in Iran, has an active review section that you have free access to it.

Third, as Iran is an old country, it is really cool if you could touch this history by staying at an old house in Iran or a traditional house in Iran. These types of houses as many options and advantages but unfortunately there are not much of them. Because of that it is essential that you do a little research and find the best you can and of course book it in advance. 

Old houses in Iran must be properly restored in order to be able to provide best services for tourists. Kianpour boutique hotel had made that happen by hiring best experts in this field. Restored accommodation house in Iran needs to be in a close approximate of historical sites. Also it needs to have great services such as; high quality food, housekeeping services, English staff and etc. which we are excelled in. 

If you rather to stay at a luxury boutique hotel in Iran than just a four star hotel in Iran, you will have the following benefits: first of all, the rent fee of a luxury boutique hotel in Iran is much more reasonable than a four or five star hotel in Iran and then, the services which a luxury boutique hotel in Iran offers you; have higher standards due to accept fewer guest at one time. Moreover, you can touch the beauty of old times in Iran considering its remarkable architecture. 

Fourth, you need to know your plan before choosing your hotel. For example if you want to stay in Isfahan for visiting historical sites; it is much better if you are in a close approximate of these historical sites. Unfortunately, big hotels in Iran are not close to these sites, because the construction by this size could harm monuments. Although, Historical house residence in Isfahan is an option that you have. With this option you can avoid wasting so much time just by sitting in a cab or something like that in order to get to the monument. Kianpour boutique hotel in Isfahan is located at the center of the city where most of famous monuments rest i.e. Naqshe-Jahan square which is about 2km away from us and the passage is through Chahar Bagh Street which is a traditional road too. In this case what do you prefer? 

Do you want to pay huge amount of money to big hotel industries that they mostly are not able to provide best services for you or you rather to stay in a luxury traditional house accommodation in Iran which is an old country with a rich history?

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