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Compare Isfahan boutique hotels

Compare Isfahan boutique hotels

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Kianpour's historical house

Kianpour's boutique hotel is located at posht baroo quarter. Charbaq Paieen Street in the center of Isfahan. This residence is in the Private ownership of Mr Hoshang kianpour with national registration number 29426.

This great boutique hotel is highly recommended by tourists whom were gusts in this accommodation in Isfahan.

Let us review why other tourists make Kianpour's Historical Residence their first choice when the visit Isfahan. 

This boutique hotel provides ideal mixes of values such as, comfort and convenience. This hust house also offers a family-friendly setting along with an array of amenities designed for foreign tourists.

 Kianpour's historical house is close to popular landmarks like, Khajou Bridge with less than 2 km and Vank Church less than 3 km.

 Guests of Kianpour's Historical Residence will experience some of Isfahan's most well-known attractions. Guest rooms are equipped with air conditioning, wifi and so on.

Tourists will enjoy free breakfast during their visit in Isfan at kianpour’s boutique hotel. It is worth mentioning that you have to check out Lotus Cafe and Restaurant, one of the Mediterranean restaurants that could be found in Esfahan, which is located in a short distance from Kianpour's boutique hotel. 






 Taghavai boutique hotel 

The Taghavi Residential House is located in the village of Qahi in the Desert, which has remained from the Qajar era. According to the evidence, this village belongs to pre-Islamic periods.

 Qahi used to be known as kohi. Kohi means a place that is in the foothold of a mount. Some believe that the pre-Islamic Ghahi mosque was the fire temple of Zoroastrians.

 A calm night in desert along with poetry night in the beautiful courtyard of the house will bring memorable memories to the guests.


The heating system of this resort is heater.

Admission to the residence is until 22:00 and room evacuation is around 12 to 14.

The residence has a parking garage with a capacity of 2 cars.

The village has facilities like a bakery, a shop, and more.

Evening fruit service and tea service are provided in the event of prior arrangement.

A bath and a bathtub are available in the public room and outside of the room.

The residence has a communal kitchen.

If we want to compare boutique hotels in Isfahan, we3 should say that having communal kitchen and bathroom are negative points for this accommodation.

Hod boutique hotel of Isfahan

The campus is located in an empty village called Hod near Jandag. The village has a unique nature and the presence of different attractions, such as the historic castle, saffron fields, rural texture and so on.

Its beautiful nature brings a pleasant and memorable stay for the guests of the desert. The residence is a historic site of the Zandieh period. Spending a night in the desert with a clear weather, touching the sands and watching camels and drinking its milk will definitely make your stay more memorable.


The heating system of this residence is heater.

The room should be evacuated at 12 o'clock.

A bath and a bathtub are available in the public rooms and outside the room.

Guests an order camel milk and test it.

Address: Esfahan_Jandagh-Hod village

When we want to compare boutique hotels in Isfahan, serving camel milk is something that we cannot neglect.

Telar boutique hotel of Esfahan

The village of Neishabur is located in 25 km south of Khoreh. It was built around the year 1250 by Haji Seyyed Mohammad Mousavi, who was a citizen of Khor. Haji seyyed Mohammad Mousavi was always traveling between Khor and Garme.

During the construction work to develop this village some old historical buildings were found such as:

Sarouji handmade river, dock, water reservoir and so on. These things still exists.

Terms and conditions for compare this boutique hotel in Isfahan includes:

Entry into the unit and rooms with shoes are not allowed.

The use of any tobacco in a closed space is not allowed.


Residence services include:

The heating system of this resort is Heater. Reception happens before the time of lunch or dinner. The bathrooms are public and it is located outside the rooms. The residence has a communal kitchen.

A pleasant stay waits for you with a visit of beauty of Khore and Biyabanak, such as the Mesr village, the village of Karma and the Salt Lake, will make a memorable journey for you.


These boutique hotels are kind of accommodation for travelers, which, unlike other hotels with the same characteristics, has its own special environment. 

To compare boutique hotels in Isfahan we must say that this hotel is native and a local residence, which was rebuilt out of old houses and in a manner that is desirable for Travelers.

Almost all of them are serving family-friendly services. They try to get acquainted with the traditional way of life in that particular place. They also use local cuisine in order to take gusts on a trip on this natural environment.

Address: Esfahan_ Khoor and Biabanak, Neyshabur

Atshoni Garmeh boutique hotel in Isfahan 

The historic village of Garmeh is located at the east side of Khoribiabank district, Nayin city, Isfahan province. The history of tourism activities in this village has made this region a thriving and successful center in the region, country and the world.

 The tourism boom in the area was initiated by the presence of Maziar al-Dawood's activity, with the establishment of Atshoni hotel. 

If you choose this boutique hotel, you will stay in a house in the heart of the desert. This hotel has twelve rooms in two guesthouses. You will experience staying in the heart of the desert and visiting the Mesr village and also enjoy the night in Mesr desert.

Ghafeleye Kavir accommodation

The traditional Ghafeleye Kavir residence is located in downtown of the Khor. This place is known as the guardian angel of the sun. The residence is a beautiful private building dating from the age of 80 and now it has become a place to relax and enjoy the desert.


The room should be evacuated at 12 o'clock.

A bath and a bathtub are available in the public rooms and outside the room.

Organic and traditional are served at this boutique hotel

Address: Imamzadeh, Khor, Isfahan.



Kianpour Hotel 
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