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The most special traditional Iranian hotels

The most special traditional Iranian hotels

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Kianpour boutique hotel in Isfahan

Kianpour boutique hotel is a unique traditional house which has changed its usage to a boutique hotel nowadays. This traditional hotel in Isfahan is a remaining monument from Qajar ear.

 This hotel was precisely restored considering the main rule of restoration. This historical family house used to be a property of Kianpour’s family. By doing the restoration with experts, this historical house reopened as an especial boutique hotel in Isfahan. 

During the restoration experts tended to avoid any change in the core of this historical house.  A great boutique hotel that used to be a house for a family, has to keep its basic nature and add new facilities in order to make its gusts comfort.


Kapari Traditional Hotel in Iran

Canopies that are usually built by gardeners and ranchers, are called "Kapari".

In building process, pepper, straw and palm wood are used.

Imagine having a night out in the Kerman Desert, in a hotel in the heart of desert but, in cozy and special rooms. It's really tempting.

It is true that this hotel does not have a historical background, but its construction is very beautiful and unique. 


Shiraz Traditional Hotel

One of the traditional elements of Iranian architecture is the Five Door or the Shah-neshin. This is usually a large room, or in fact the main hall of the house. This section is often facing a large porch with two interconnected windows.

A traditional breakfast in the hotel's courtyard, right under the orange trees and by the water pond is waiting for you in this hotel. It is great to hear the traditional music, which is played at night in the hotel's courtyard.

This beautiful and spectacular residence dates to back 120 years. We recommend staying at this cozy traditional hotel while traveling to Shiraz.

One of the significant benefits of this traditional residence can be access to the following locations:

Holy shrine of Ahmad ibn Musa (Shahcheragh)

Nasir al-Molk Mosque

Vakil bazaar

Vakil Bath

Moshir House

Zintulmuluk House

Tomb of Sibuyeh



Iranian Traditional Hotel (Niayesh)

It is a Hotel with no cooling or heating system. Yes you read right. The architecture of Niayesh Shiraz Hotel is as such that most rooms do not require heating or cooling facilities.

The hotel's beautiful courtyard, with its fountain and clear pond and lush trees, can be a great place to relax for a pleasant evening.

Traditional Niayesh Shiraz Hotel is located in the historical context of the city.

The hotel has easy access to a range of museums, churches, shrines, fireplaces and old mosques.

One of the views of this beautiful traditional hotel is on the Shahcheragh Shrine.


Other traditional Shiraz hotels:

Traditional Golshan Hotel Shiraz

Shiraz Traditional Hotel

Razz Traditional Hotel



Malekoltojar Traditional Hotel

The Malekoltojar is the nickname of Haj Ali Askar Shirazi, a trader with a rich background in Yazd.

This traditional hotel in Iran has been owned by his family for up to four generations, after which he has resided.

Now it's your turn to enjoy the exclusive beauty of this historic and antique home. Since 1997, this house has been changed to a hotel. It can be said that this historical hotel in Iran is to be the most expensive and best hotel in Yazd.

Experience a magnificent voyage in the historic place of the city, with original Yazd architecture in the heart of the city and close distance of the market.

Hotel Assets:

Beautiful entrance

Hexagon design

Winter part

Summer part



Amazing wooden columns

The courtyard

Mirror Room

And the underground corridors that connect different parts of the building.

Yazd is full of beautiful historic and old houses, some of which have been converted to traditional hotels or residences, such as the Malekoltojar.

Traditional Moshir al-Mamalek Hotel in Yazd

Enjoy delicious Iranian and authentic Yazd dishes at the traditional restaurant of the Moshir al-Mamalek Hotel.

Experience a stay in the Iranian Garden Hotel, with its traditional architecture and equipment, in Mushir al-Malik. This garden hotel survived from the Qajar era. That is why it’s a good place to travel in time.

The stream of water flowing through the gardens, fountains, stunning landscapes and authentic Iranian architecture has made this traditional garden hotel a spectacular tourist attraction. If you decide to go to the traditional garden hotel of Mushir al-Mamalik, do not forget to have a chat with the garden parrots.


Rose Traditional Hotel

Another of the most beautiful traditional hotels in Yazd is the traditional Rose Hotel. At a very fair price, it attracts the interest of traditional travelers.

If you want to enjoy some great relaxation in beautiful surroundings with authentic architecture, we suggest you to visit this hotel.

This traditional hotel also has modern amenities, located in the center of Yazd. And it is very convenient to get to Yazd historical places.

Khaloomirza Traditional Hotel in Iran

In this hotel rooms are adorned with Traditional Iranian carpets and handmade carpets, and the porches are beautifully decorated. The seat and back seats around it remind you of your grandparents' house. Feel the warmth at the corner of this beautiful traditional hotel.

The traditional Khalomirza Hotel is owned by one of the Ilkhani elders, which has four sides.


Kianpour Hotel 
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