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Traditional boutique hotels in Iran

Traditional boutique hotels in Iran

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The deserts of Iran are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and pristine deserts in the world. Some of the Traditional Desert Hotels are located in the eastern edge of Isfahan province.

Traditional hotels that are located in the east of Isfahan, have the privilege of the beautiful sand dunes of the Mesr village in Farahzad.

 Featuring unique amenities, the traditional hotel serves organic food and sanitary water. Most Traditional boutique hotels in desert are located on the sand dunes of the Mesr Desert of Farahzad.

 Undoubtedly the best accommodation house in the Central Desert region must have great features. Some of the most important features are clear water, great view, and easy accessibility and so on. 

 It is worth mentioning that traditional boutique hotels are possessed by native desert architecture. An example for food service is this. Four restaurant with cooking and serving of all kinds of traditional desert and other dishes, all of which are served with organic ingredients. 

Coffee shop with organic teas and herbal teas. Having great 2-bed, 3-bed, and 4-bed rooms with traditional design makes a traditional hotel, a luxury traditional boutique hotel.

Many guest houses are located in Isfahan province, in the city of Kashan, for tourists. This native houses in the historical context of the beautiful city of Kashan has been providing to accommodate travelers and tourists since 2000. 

Older houses have a two floor residence and on the first floor is a public kitchen with all the amenities of approximately 25 people for periodic dining. The second floor consists of 4-bed rooms, 2-bed rooms, 5-bed rooms, 6-bed rooms and one-bed rooms. The 8-person room features 6-person and 8-person rooms in addition to a private kitchen where guests can connect (optional) to accommodate more capacity. Guests in the 5-person room must also use the public kitchen, which is located downstairs.

These types of guest houses has many problem nowadays. It may be good for some people who enjoy others company but it is hard to have shared bath rooms for all. That is why we recommend tourists to book a traditional boutique hotel or traditional boutique houses in Iran. 

Residence for tourists in Isfahan

There are many residence for tourists in Iran and especially in Isfahan. The important question is; are they suitable for you. Do they have average standards? In one example; the 100-year-old native 2-story home has 4 rooms in total accommodating 11 tourists. On the ground floor there are two bedrooms: one double bed room (double bed) and one double bed room (twin) and the first floor has two bedrooms (twin), both ground floor rooms have a toilet and a bathroom which are private, but guests of the first floor rooms must share an Iranian toilet, a toilet and a shared bathroom. It is worth mentioning that in all rooms except double bed room there is extra bedding service for an extra person.

Another example but outs side of Isfahan city and in fereydoonshar city can show a better view from the guest houses for tourists in Iran.

A traditional residence which is located in Fereidounshahr, Isfahan Province. Due to its special location and mountain range, must be very safe. In this city there are many waterfalls and springs. The winter is full of tourists who want to ski in this ski resort of Isfahan and climb in the high snowy mountains.

Traditional Residence can be the best part of this beautiful city, with an area of 700 square meters, has 2 50-meter suites and 2 100-meter houses with accommodation of 50 tourists. 

Amenities Included in the two rooms of this accommodation include a kitchen, a bathroom and a bath, a TV, a fridge, a bedroom service and a home comprises of 1 room, a bathroom, a bathroom and a double bed. Because of some injuries that can accrue in the mountain the safety is very important for tourists. They can find good consult in likened guest houses. 

Some of the residence that are located in Vanak Semirom Tourism Area of Isfahan Province have more than 200 years old.  These traditional houses were an old building, which after some time restored and opened in the same traditional and Iranian architecture to become a traditional residence for tourists.


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