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Traditional foods and sweets of Esfahan

eggplant Halim

Halim eggplant  is Iranian food and traditional dishes of  Kerman, Shiraz and Isfahan that is  cooked using with eggplant and meat (or poultry) and whey and be decorated with  with hot  mint and onion and  be eaten with bread.


Kale joosh

The kale joosh  is an Iranian food. Other names include a kale joosh and Eshakneh kale joosh  whey The food was common in Khorasan and Yazd.
This dish is formed of minced curd, chopped onion, Walnut half beaten, oil and Mint and turmeric and eaten with bread.



Iran is one of the famous dishes and sophisticated reputation in many countries of the world among Iranians is more or less corrosive. The food in the city and most famous traditional dish of the head or neck .gvsht is considered to be a bit fatty and six (white sheep liver) cooked with salt and pepper and onions, and the bones removed. And six separate meat minced together in a special pan (no oil) sees heat. The bread was served among cinnamon thrown on them. Preparation of food in restaurants, but the need for home cooking on the stove to cook normal. The people belonging to other cities and passengers to the wrong food (grilled) call that is not true.


Khoresht mast

Yogurt sauce or stew of native food is yogurt. This dish of yogurt, meat neck of lamb, saffron and sugar and almonds or walnuts in a barberry and sometimes shed water. This stew is served cold.Little is known of the history of our stew, but at least more than a century that large gatherings of luxury and seen. Stew is a staple food court in the past, but is now used as a dessert.


Gheymeh rize

Pellets made one of the delicious local cuisine province, which is used mostly for lunch. Minced meat, grated onion, gram flour, onions, tomatoes or tomato paste, dried mint and spice ingredients of the food.


Chelo kebab kobide

Authentic Iranian cuisine is one of the most famous kebab male and the food consists of rice with butter and roast tomato and Msrf the road. The ingredients of this dish lamb mince onion and grated turmeric and salt it skewers and cook on the fire.


Stew Fesenjan

Fesenjan Iranian stewed food is the main ingredient in chocolate cook this dish of meat and pomegranate paste is used. Persian food is the food of the oldest in the Sasanian period, marking the end of winter and beginning of spring on March Nowruz is cooked. Fesenjan name Arabic name is the ancient name Aspndgan. The food is true in most parts of Iran.


Joje kabab

Chicken is one of the traditional Iranian cuisine and traditional barbecue category of Iran. To cook Chicken, chicken shattered parts for almost long time (about three hours) in a container filled with crushed onion lemon juice, saffron and spices. And after, they flavored meat to grill smoke and fire up the barbecue and the place, grill. Roast chicken dishes are very popular among Iranians.



 Tah Chin

Tah Chin is a mixed deposition Persian food of rice, meat (chicken is more common), yogurt, eggs and plenty of saffron is produced. Te China among Persian food because of its beautiful form of formal courses and is the perfect party.


Vegetable stew

Liked vegetable stew and stew the most famous Iranian origin and an Iranian national feed and vegetable fricassee, red meat, dried limes and kidney beans or pinto beans to be prepared. Pot roast vegetables are very popular among the Iranian people. The stew should be slightly sour taste, therefore, to add a little fresh lemon or lemon juice Omani dry. This stew served with rice.


 Gheymeh stew

Stew made one of the most popular among Iranian Persian food is to cook the tomato paste and fried onions, peas, red meat or white meat, potatoes with lemon dry (dried limes) or plum is used as a flavoring . At the end of cooking time add a spice to the stew with rice and cinnamon served.


Sabzi poulo with fish

Sabzi poulo with fish is one of Poulos in Iranian cooking. Vegetable fried rice with chicken or meat or fish to eat. Coco fish, rice and vegetables and herbs from the ancient Iranian festival is the evening meal. The dishes include vegetable dill, parsley, leek and coriander.


Abgoosht  (Daisy)

Daisy is one of Iran broth or traditional dishes. Cook the broth from the meat and fat in lamb, tomatoes and tomato paste and some beans, peas, beans used Nzyz. Thin edible cooking meat and onion and potato and beans will be OK in two stages. First, eat it and eat it with a piece of bread and other materials can be completely crushed Tenderizers or Nkvbydh with bread, onions and condiments such as pickles and vegetables they eat. Chowder is authentic Iranian cuisine, one of the factors that nomadic and nomadic way of life based on the culture of animal ancestors.


Zereshk rice with chicken

Zereshk rice with chicken is one of Iranian cuisine. The food usually with chicken, lamb or head to the right. This dish of chicken breast, tomato and onion is prepared.



Gaz is one of the few products in the world where flour, starch, oil, preservatives, natural materials, chemicals, dyes and flavors, is not used.

Ingredients include sugar, liquid glucose, nuts, such as pistachios, almonds, egg whites, manna, water or sweat pussy and just sweet manna juice or milk in its composition of clay or never used honey and rich sources of protein (egg whites), organic substances, vitamins and minerals. 



Polaki is one of the famous flake sweets and souvenirs of Esfahan. To prepare this sweet little sugar and a little white vinegar and water mixture and leave on the stove for 45 minutes until golden brown and then spoon on the tray shed to stiff. Additives such as saffron, dried limes, crushed pistachios, coconut, and Sesame liquid can be used.